Wednesday, December 29, 2010

His Name Is Mango

Today, I had an amazing day doing something I never saw myself doing before. It was just really cool. With my group we visited Crystal River in Florida. While there, we snorkled and swam with the manatees. There was something spiritual about these creatures as they calmly move around. My favorite moment was when a calf swam by me pretty much begging to be petted. But along came its mother out of nowhere scaring me, but it was just comforting knowing that these fascinating mammals trusted me and that I could trust them, it was beautiful. I would never trade this memory for anything. Oh and by the way, the picture is my super cute and amazing girlfriend Sarah, holding a stuffed manatee

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now Thats An Amazing Girl

Tis the season, for the awesome thing known to students as winter break. As of now, classes are let out for me for two wonderful weeks, which was extended by a Thursday and Friday due to snowfall.
Now people typically celebrate this time of year with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none at all. But no matter what you celebrate, those still in the education system get to enjoy this break.
Do what you want with it, or nothing at all. For this break is what you choose of it, because it is just that, a break. For myself, I've decided to dedicate most of my time to watch tv, play online games, and just plain chilling. But I'm not totally squandering it as next week I'll shall be spending time down in Florida visiting NASA and swimming with some Manatees, or so thats the plan.
I guess I could bring about a little update of my swimming. My Y swim season ended earlier this month for the first session, but I'll be back for the second session because I do enjoy the laid back style I can take, the awesome coach, and just kidding around with the young-ins. I did end the season with a bang, pulling personal records in the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 fly, with blue ribbons as well.
Sadly, my swim team for high school hasn't been doing to well. Its though being a ten man team and competing with larger schools that have better chances. But we did take a victory and as of now our record stands 1 win to 4 losses.
I guess otherwise, thats most of whats been going on in my life, swimming and chilling.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trekking Forward

Once again, I realize it has been to long of a time between my posts. Although I may not entirely be too busy, I just get distracted by life and neglect other areas. But here I am now, and I do wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those who read now.
Now on to some good news, my high school swim team had its tryouts the other week, and once again, I made it. We shall see how my final season goes, but I am excited for my first meet, next Friday.
And now, my main event, another physics assignment. I do enjoy the more hands on portion of physics and I really like this project. Simply put, I was to design and build a small catapult.

Rather than use the typical crossbar that most catapults use to transfer the inertia of the swinging arm to the flying object, I decided to use rope on the rear end. The purpose of this was to prevent cracking from the wood on wood contact.

I feel that my process was a success, and now my next step is to increase the force by purchasing shorter bungee chords. I don't know how it will fare compared to my other classmates, but its still pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fight Of Your Life

The point of the assignment was to find a new way to protect objects during shipping. This is for my physics class and since I was lazy I decided socks. The concept itself is simple, take two eggs and keep them from breaking during a fifteen foot drop in a shoebox, added challenge:a quart size bag of dirt. I dont know how well they shall fare but I wish my two eggs good luck this Thursday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What'cha See?

Today, I took a huge step forward in my list, but did not exactly cross anything off. In the realm of learning to play guitar, my teacher decided to allow us to play a song we wanted to play, with other people in the class if we so wanted to. Originally I was thinking playing Tom Petty's Free Falling, because it was a song I've already learned to play and really only playing.
But I decided I wanted a challenge. Part of me wasn't interested in the sole act of playing by myself so I joined up with my friend Matthew, who is actually in the band, Hardly Endangered. Playing with the lead guitarist of a famous band within my school was a little advantage, but I knew it would be fun to do so. Keeping it simple, he took lead vocals and while I we were both playing the same part of the song, I sang back up for the chorus.
Of course, the song, I know we both have fun performing it, and as we played Nickelback's This Afternoon, it all came together with some form of unison. Although all the mistakes were on my part, they came at good enough times that the song flowed without any true hitches. I could get used to this performing thing.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not All Of Us Are The Same

I remember when I was a kid, the joy I would have of coming back home. I remember that the afternoon snack would be something I could sit down in front of the tv and enjoy. Part of me really wishes I could go back to those days. Now with sports and homework, I rarely can ever actually do that. I just want to have some cold zebra cakes and watch a cartoon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shouting Out

I know its not much and it isn't a novel concept, but I am definitely tired chairs. I spend 6-8 hours a day sitting in a chair, and I'm tired of it. I become overly restless. All I want to do is just go outside, get some fresh air and enjoy life. What makes me sad is that with school, it isn't possible for those 6-8 hours and with Winter fast approaching, the sunny days outside quickly fade and it just keeps getting colder. When will spring come, swimming can only keep me tame for so long.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If It Wasn't For Her...

Im back to text/pic blogs on occasion, as my life returns to normallcy. Today is the last day for fall sail practice, I feel sad but I do know that this leads to my final swim season in highschool. And following that Ill be back on the water for spring sailing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lumber Co.

Finally, I've made some real progress. I've gained the ambition I've needed for such a long. I tend to eventually find what I want to create but even then, just that process can consume a lot of time. But when I know what I want, just trying to start takes some willpower which I can never seem to muster. In the end, I've wasted a lot of time and my end product can seem rushed and I end up noticing what I want to change but can't.
I'm talking about my artwork. People say its good but I don't always agree, I know people tend to judge themselves much harsher, but maybe I'm right and they're wrong.

Originally, the assignment was to create a piece, either 2D or 3D, which a Cubist intention. I decided to make a sculpture, and wanted to use cardboard and duct-tape with paper clips for support. I chose to make the theme/subject matter be Fire and Water. With that I created a a simple flame image with cut cardboard covered in red duct-tape. From there I arranged into a sort of centerpiece that made a 3D fire. And then I wanted the piece to be moving somehow for water so I created a water feature which acts sort of as a water fall. From the top, if water is pored it will flow down to the bottom through a path and then into a hole in the box that removes the water. Depending on the rate at which water is added it will not spill over, but if it does, the duct-tape covers the cardboard preventing damage. From that, I've finally finished a piece early, six days before its due date.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gone Shootin' With Cheese

Alas, it seems I've been to distracted in these last couple of weeks and have neglected to post anything. But I return bearing some good news.
The weekend before last, I made my way down to North Carolina to partake in the weekends event, Davy Jone's Rendezvous at Charles T. Hagan Sea Scout Base. Participating in several events, I did place third in the oddly named Rubber Ducky Regatta, an interesting race to say the least. Of course, I had plenty fun with friends and made some new ones along the way.

I even took part in some canoeing with my friend George, who even has a new blog, The Plastic Camera.
Moving on the weekend past, in which I took part in a YMCA swim meet. I returned to my roots of swimming the 200 IM and 50 Free sophomore year but still did my past year's favorite, the 100 Fly. Alongside these events, I was the flyer for the 200 Mixed Medley Relay and First off for the 200 free relay in my age group. In truth, there were only other competitors in the 200 Mixed Medley Relay and 50 Free which means in my other three I took first automatically.
But on to the real competition, with my first event, the Mixed Medlay relay. Alex, the man of backstroke for my high school team took an early lead, giving some good ground. Next Kendall gained more ground on our opposing relay team. I was up next, but what bothered me at the moment was that I was told, Nick, the other team's flyer was supposed to be really good, but when it came down to it, he failed to gain any ground on me and I may have even stretched the lead further. Finally Rebecca, the "rocket" finished with an extreme lead and we definitely won the race.
My next event turned out to be the 50 free, where I'd be swimming against Nick again, and Alex who I know to actually be fast even in this event. At the start Alex had a bare lead over Nick and then me. But at the wall Alex took an amazing turn but Nick surfaced faster than I, leaving Alex to lose his lead. It was mainly between Nick and I barely in front of Alex. But I wasn't even pushing as hard as I could, reaching midway, I picked up my kick and arm speed stretching through past the flags and into the wall without a breath taken. I had barely beat Nick, but in all honestly I never even took a look at Alex during the second half of the fifty. I had no idea when he finished, and he didn't know who was faster, because he wasn't looking himself and in the end after comparing times, I held a 29s finish and he had 31s.
Now, somewhere in the mix of the past couple weeks I knocked another item off my list and forgot to tell the world.

For my guitar class we were to write a song about Biology, and I'll admit, mine was not that great but it was sufficient. As I need to find the lyrics, I'll post it then, including chords for those of you that care to try it out, but I remind you, its not that good.
And more news, I've decided I shall work towards playing Be My Escape by Relient K, and hopefully by the end of this month I should hopefully be able to play it. Now it seems the days are really counting down, I'm a whole lot closer to graduation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time Goes By, and Cheese Only Gets Better

Alas, I've come across another item to cross of my list, a good way to hit off my senior year. As typical of my Mondays, I had sailing practice which turned out to be pretty awesome.
So it all started off with Natalie, the team captain, not feeling to well, so she missed practice. This left open a boat, as there were only four dedicated skippers, I took the chance to step up and get some practice skippering.
Little did I know I would get stuck with the evil redhead known as Meghan Grumbling. I can honestly say, I was not excited about sailing with her. But through some apparent trading, I received Ollie(possibly the best sailor on the team)'s Crew Aaron, a fellow senior.
Since he had more experience with sailing, he took the skipper's position while I became his crew. Although tad disappointed, it was ok, we had fun just arguing and having random bouts of horrible start practicing with the light wind.
Eventually, I told him to let me skipper and he obliged, he was getting tired of just doing starts. Little did he know, the next start was actually gonna be a race. Since he had not much option, he was forced to crew my race which started off with us in second place.
But do to Ollie's great skills, he was able to come off a bad start and became second to the mark. With that he was able to force Caitlin off course slowing them both down, giving us the chance to gain some ground.
Here is where the tables turned, still in third place we had covered a lot of ground at the mark and were heading down wind as well as Caitlin and Ollie. We placed our sails as best as possible leaning all the way, near to the point of capsize, slowly going with the light wind.
Somehow though, we were gaining ground. With both of us in the front of the boat, pretty much on top of each other were speeding up. It was to the point were my arm was stretched back all the way holding the tiller extension, straining my shoulder.
Even through our good fortune we had some bad news. We were baring down on the finish line, actually taking the lead pretty close to it when the current became a problem. We were heading straight for the mark, or even outside the finish line. Trying to turn the boat with an already extended tiller arm, was painful. But in the end, we pulled of a close win, and even crossing the finish line, Aaron fell backwards into the back of the boat do to all the strain.
And in the end, thats how I won a boating race.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being On The Cover

Ahh, at last, the countdown can truly begin as today I began my senior year. I can't say exactly that I was too excited as waking up before seven was not all that appealing following a nice summer which included plenty of sleeping in. But alas, most good things tend to end.
First class I had was not to bad as it was Art III with a new teacher by the name of Ms. Johnson. I think I'll probably like her but I'm sure it'll be an interesting semester, with me probably being difficult as usual.
My second class was Honors Physics with probably the happiest lady on Earth named Ms. Kennedy. For one, she just couldn't seem to stop talking, commonly with such unexplainable happy terms that made me smile and even chuckle, but I can't help but feel it wasn't with her, but a laugh at her. I don't understand how someone can be at this school for any period of time and be that happy, something must of cracked in her.
Now, this is the best part of my day, I had Guitar I third and from what the Mr. Sauber has said, and how he acts, the class is gonna be chill and good. Learning to play guitar is probably gonna be the best part of my day. Also what makes it better is the fact that I have lunch in the middle of the class, so food and fun, what could be more awesome.
This happens to be my guitar, its an all black Yamaha F335 and I'm gonna learn to play it.
Finally I ended the day with Ms. Rhodes in AP Government. While it won't be the same as APUSH was with Jones, I'm sure its gonna be just as crazy and good and even just as odd at times. It may be my hardest class, but I'm sure I'll love it too.
So I've taken one day down of what will be my last year in High School, and I can't help but say, there will be way to many more ahead.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Greatest Four Months Ever

As of recently I've struggled somewhat to come up with something to post on this blog. It seems that during this summer, my journey towards the day I walk across the stage has come to a standstill yet the days move towards it. But this summer I've done many things yet it feels like I've yet to accomplish anything. Maybe I expected more from it at first, expected more time as well. But so far I can't really complain, my summer has been great and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but am I the only one to think that summer should be longer?
Well, today upon a period of time where I wasn't being truly productive other than trying to catch up with my blog reading, I went to the blog of Banks Lee who is on his own quest to ride the Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios which requires a minimum of Three Clicks. But there I noticed a link which I had to click which lead to the Youtube page of Family Feud. I love the show and will on occasion watch with the purpose of trying to guess the answers myself. But on the page, the featured video was this.
Not gonna lie, not only was the fact it was the number two answer hilarious, but Steve Harvey is a hilarious man and this brought me back to the days when I would watch his sitcom when I was younger. When flashbacks come upon me, it only shows how far time has passed yet only being a tiny blimp on the spectrum of time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy Yet Motivated?

August 4, 2010: After picking up Kathleen and arriving at the Marina, I stowed my gear aboard the ODay 25. Afterwards Sarah arrived and we proceeded to discuss plans for the weekend. I was able to comprehend the charts with ease and figure out what the various markings meant. After doing so, the currently present crew and skipper drank what was left of two unopened bottles of both Coke and Sprite. Eventually both George and Katie made it to the marina and we sat in relative piece drinking. After Caroline dropped off her assigned food and Mrs. B arrived we shut down for the night and went to our berths, guys on Relaxation and girls on Freedom II.
August 5, 2010: Awoke around six, an hour earlier than what was planned. It was a tad difficult to sleep with the sun lighting the cabin. I quietly stowed my gear, and did so without disturbing anyone. I also grabbed my drawstring bag which already had my day clothes, toothbrush and a couple other items. My first order of business was to go to the bathroom, where I got changed. Without any need to return to the ODay, I sat on the steps of the finger pier and listened to my iPod as I felt I was in need of some pump up music. Was listening to an unsigned band by the name of I Love Monsters, got to say I was enjoying their sound. Simply spent the hour listening to my music and wondering what was going through Sarah's crazy mind as she ran up and down the docks. Around seven the anyone who wasn't already up was woken and soon afterward breakfast was served. I do enjoy the idea of Froot Loops with marshmallows. The day moved forward with us performing various tasks, with first going to the Church to grab what we felt we needed. Later, after lunch we went to West Marine to pick up some oil for the gasoline needed to fuel the ODay. While there, I bought a new Third Reef jacket and a pair of sailing gloves. I also got a sailing sticker for my car. After we got the sad news that Caroline wouldn't be joining us, we went out to dinner at Hawaiian BBQ. When exiting the weather was taking a turn for the worst. When we returned to the marina it began to rain. Sarah and I grabbed the purchased equipment and made our way to our slips which is when it began to pore down. Sarah and I made a run for it. We dropped the port-a-potty off in the Contest and everything else in the ODay, we were about to make a run back but Skipper arrived and we decided to hid out on the ODay where skipper installed the VHF radio properly. We listen to the NOAA forecast, and then skipper eventually returned to the parking lot. After a short wait, Seth returned and told us to grab our foul weather gear and go to the parking lot. With my new jacket on, which was amazing, we grabbed the large ice chest and placed it on the foredeck of the Contest. After the rain subsided even more, I proceeded to get change and head to my berth for sleep.
August 6, 2010: Once again I woke up early as I cannot seem to control my urge to be busy doing something. After getting changed I once again listened to my iPod. After a half an hour wait or so, everyone was woken got ready. Breakfast was to wait until after we got underway. As soon as we could we quickly left the slip. While leaving the marina, I quickly ate some breakfast and returned to the deck. We quickly raised the main sail after passing under the bridge. With Kathleen and I on Alpha watch, she took the helm while I manned the main sheet. Mr. Middlecoop and Seth took the Bravo watch. Eventually, after we passed Craney Island, we changed course and headed up the James River. Somewhere along the way we also raised the Genoa. While sailing up the James River, we passed over the Monitor-Merrimac Tunnel. Next came the James River Bridge which had a lift as a cargo ship escorted by two tugboats passed port to port at the same time under the bridge. Down the James the river died down extremely and we were slowly making way totally under engine power with the sun bearing down making for an excruciatingly annoying four to six hours. Eventually we made our approach to the Chickahominy which did in fact no longer have the swing bridge and was replaced by one with a 52 foot clearance. Along the river we took down both the Genoa and the Main as there was no wind. The power line across the river was not there either. After about two hours we made it into the marina and successfully tied up quickly. As the weather was not looking good, we decided to have our dinner out this night rather than Saturday. After dinner we spent sometime lounging about before heading off to sleep.
August 7, 2010: As the pool was not open till after ten, I once again woke up early and spent time sitting down, listening to my iPod before breakfast. After eating breakfast and cleaning up, the pool was the first order of business, for a couple hours we just played around enjoying ourselves until lunch time. After which, I somehow decided that sleeping might be a good idea as after waking up early for the last few days tired me out. Eventually I was woken, to which few words were said I and I went back to sleep. But after some time, unknown to me, I was forced a smoothie into my hand and told to drink. Unable to drink and sleep at the same time, I was woken and could not return to sleep. The next couple hours were just spent hanging around until dinner time as many others themselves, took naps. When dinner came, I took it upon myself to volunteer as grill master which I feel I completed successfully. After cleaning up, the pool once again became priority where we swam as the night darkened and the bikers came out to sing. After enjoying our post dinner show, we decided to pack in to play a game of Nautical trivia. With Mr. Middlecoop on my team, we dominated early answering almost every question given to us only to lose due to another teams pure luck. After this loss, I decided with good weather about, to sleep in the cockpit which was comfortable for me.
August 8, 2010: With another early start we headed out early. We set up just the main sail outside the Chickahominy as there was really only light wind once again but came to put up the Genoa afterwards. We continued this way making slightly faster headway than two days before. Along the way, the crew leader was feeling a tad under the weather so I took over the log duty and did just fine doing so. Just to make sure we had enough fuel, we took an approach to Rescue where we topped off and ate dinner at Capt Chuck-a-mucks as we were expected to arrive late and dinner time was upon us. After leaving the very shallow Pagan river with narrow channels, we put up just the main sail as heavy winds came down. When approaching the James River bridge, which was not up, our engine began to overheat due to a crack in the cooling system. We made haste an raised the Genoa to get full sail power and passed under the bridge. After traveling some length, the engine cooled a bit and Mr. Middlecoop was able to add some coolant so we could turn the engine back on. We proceed this way till past the Monitor-Merrimac and around Craney Island. But in the darkening night the GPS lost its signal and we were required to use all piloting skills available to keep us from running aground. But once again, the engine began to overheat and we had to rely upon sail power. Navigating the Western Branch with just sail power was no easy feat, and as we slowly made our way down the river, we eventually were able to turn the engine on for one last go. We eventually made it back to the marina after near the bridge, lowering both sails. Quickly docking, we made it back with less than an hour till midnight. Tired, we grabbed our gear and headed home.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing The Good Guy

As it seems the weather has made its turn, and its rain season. I do enjoy the rain, its got the destruction and life giving qualities that fire have, and is just as inspiring. Now all I can do is let it rain.

Monday, July 26, 2010

20 Things You More Than Likely Don't Know About Me

I wasn't actually gonna do this, because I just didn't feel like it. I suppose I first saw it on Christopher's Blog, The Chin Scratcher. It was all fine and dandy, as I did enjoy reading it. But then on one of my recent yet all to often Blogspot check ups, where I see if someone else posted anything, but without posting anything, I noticed something different. I had accrued an unexpected new follower. Thus began my foray into reading the words of the Sarcastic Spastic, who's name intrigues me. There upon lies, the cursed list. It taunted me, wanted me to do it, no one asked me to, but it just wanted me to do it. So, courtesy of the all powerful internet, I present my list of 20 Things You More Than Likely Don't Know About Me.
1)I want to profess, publicly, my love for cheese<3. Yes, I love cheese. In fact, cheese is the best thing that has ever happened to me. While to the general public, it may seem odd for me to say this, cheese is just totally amazing.
2)Now I want to reveal a few things about my blog. The first one is that for some reason, ever since my first blog post, I've failed to use any significant paragraph breaks or indentations, just ending paragraphs, wherever they end. If I recall correctly, when I first started my blog, I did it because it was easier for me.
3)For the most part, my blog title bares little relation to anything I do actually post. When it comes to coming up with the title, I usually pick a separate event of my day from that of which I'm posting. So in fact, it tells only a tidbit of another occurrence in my daily life.
4)I often wonder who actually reads these style of postings, because I feel that I can be the only one at times. Maybe the truly dedicated readers of blogs do it, because, hey, its someone who they enjoy reading, so read more about them.
5)This may seem random, but originally, I only chose Pepsi over Coca-Cola, because it was the underdog soda. Throughout my life, I've generally sided with the underdog, just because of that, its the one up against all odds and there is something to admire in that. I suppose it could be a representation of my desire to succeed, considering how in every field of any possible expertise, I would be just that, an underdog. Now, of course, I truly do enjoy Pepsi and believe it has a better taste than that of Coca-Cola.
6)When it comes down to non standard writing, typically related to the internet, where structure can be a bit more free form and general rules of writing do not have to apply, I pick up one bad habit while the rest of the time I still follow the rules, generally, and I just can't seem to stop it. I tend to use run on sentences with the over use of commas.
7)For the most part, when it comes to meeting a minimum length on any form of writing, I come up short. Mainly its because after I reach a certain point, I don't really care to continue, and the rest of the time its because I just run out of ideas. Which is why, as of right now, I'm stretching my mind for stuff you probably don't know about me.
8)One day I just want to get into my car and drive. The whole idea of driving without stopping appeals to me, just hitting the road and not turning back. But then I realize two problems, I'd have to pay for gas and eventually I would just get bored, driving without a destination. I need some more structure than that.
9)I don't consider myself a real artist, or photographer, or creative person of the sort. Half the time, I feel that what I do is more replication, as if my own ideas are not original. Maybe its just that what is my own idea, in some way is actually partially someone else's idea.
10)I don't have a problem with boy bands, as in fact, they aren't bad, especially when you consider that its about the music in essence, that its someone attempting to reach for fame and glory. I'm not talking about all male bands, but rather pop driven groups that focus on singing rather than instruments.
11)Another revelation about my blog, I have obtained an obsession with links. This one stems from my Design Web and Multimedia Technologies class where I learned how to use HTML. I suppose this is me bragging, about the fact that I know basic HTML. It probably is, because I can code links by myself, can you?
12)Alas, another revelation. The numbers that appear at the bottom of every blog post, next to labels, are in fact, my countdown. I thought it would be cool to attach that as this is my journey to graduation. But whats somewhat obsessive, I counted it down at the beginning, by hand.
13)Once again, back to the concept of underdog, and with everything against you. The number thirteen is my favorite number. Considering how it is typically noted as unlucky, I still find it my choice when having to pick a number.
14)I thoroughly enjoy widgets. What is a widget you may ask. A widget is a small program from a another site running on a site. Example, look this way ---->, on this side bar are simply put, some widgets I've collected. At the top is my Formspring Widget named My Mind Is Yours, where you can ask me questions which I typically answer in a timely fashion. Below it is Fish To The Future featuring six fish, one is black, which you can feed by clicking on the widget. And all the way at the bottom is Swim With Me featuring recent posts from my favorite swim website Swim Network. And lastly, all the way at the bottom of my blog is a playlist I put together quite a while back that has not been updated, but features good songs. It just seems that whenever I find a good widget, I can't help myself but add it.
15)I hate leaving my house without my iPod. Although my cellphone does have music on it and would normally suffice for my desperate moments in need a music, my iPod has a vast array of options which include playlist more fine tuned to certain moments, and in the end gives me a private edge that others are hard pressed to find.
16)I become very attached to my iPod during swim season. When it comes to bus rides on the way to meets, there are plenty of other people on the bus to talk to, to converse, shed my nerves, but I've rarely ever use that source. In fact, I used the rhythm and beat of my Prep The Swimmers playlist to keep that tension, bottle it up, in an attempt to let it burst, let me let it out in the water. In fact, I staged my special swim playlist, which no one else has heard, so that it would fit perfectly for the one swim meet we have that requires a long bus ride. I believe I may have had one song more than needed.
17)I work better late at night, when I'm all alone with just a desk lamp at my computer desk. I feel less interruptible, less distractions that cause me to get up. Even if I'm not being bothered while on the computer, I feel as if the house is baring down on me during the day, but at night, its my realm, I have all the freedom I need.
18)I enjoy covers, remixes, and mash-ups. Sometimes even more so than the original. Its one thing to come up with a song and be entirely original, have your own work laid out. But then it becomes another thing to take someone else's work and improve upon it, change it, and make it your own.
19)I've never really been good at sports, but I still love playing them. In my lifetime I've played baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, swimming, flag football, ultimate frisbee, badminton and tennis. I guess thats why I like P.E., you don't have to be all that good.
20)I stole that last one from another attempt like this. Its something I tend to do even though its a bad habit of mine, to reuse my work. I've actually written several essays about how I started swimming competitively, with each time being a basic structure that I kept following, just updated.
And now, a sigh of relief. I have expended time on this post, spanning it out into three separate days. Never have I had to use so much will power to continue sometime I choose to do. Its all a journey that we choose to take.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Losing Count A Bad Thing?

Lets take it back, sometime in March 2009 I got swept into a facebook fad. Around this time the notes posted required those tagged to comply by refilling out the note with their information. The most interesting one required various stages that would lead a band album. Which is how the band Slought Foundation came to be.

After creating the one album cover, the idea laid dormant for about nine to ten months, when in Art II, we were required to create a final project using our various skills. I decided to go with computer and photography media. At first I came up with this:

But after apparant disapproval at the album name, I decided to return back to the basic photos I came up with and re-edited everything.

I decided I would at an extra photo, one of me helping upright a capsized boat. I think it looks pretty sweet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

815 left

Finally, it has begun. Last week I spent five days and four nights with less than 20 hours of sleep, using my time to sail. In no way am I complaining and in fact, I enjoyed the time spent on the water. But now I am back to my somewhat normal schedule, which is erratically sprayed with time at work and with friends.
But for a moment, lets talk world cup. The USA vs. Algeria match, which was to determine if the USA would move on was fate defying. With a victory needed, time slowly went on as the game remained scoreless, including a disallowed goal. Yet, it wasn't over, not until it was over. While at work, I passed an on television while grabbing my lunch. It, of course, was tuned to the USA vs. Algeria match. The time: Stoppage. There was only three minutes left when Donovan made the pass, which when in the box, was stopped by the keeper, but behold, there comes Donovan right behind the loose ball. A simple kick and the American dream was restored.
Sadly it did not last, in the match vs. Ghana, the USA was eliminated. What matters most is the fact that from the jaws of elimination, the USA was saved, when everyone was sure they would be gone, they came back.
As I was unable to watch several of the recent matches, because I was sailing, I kept myself posted, and am now rooting for Spain, with currently, this World Cup's Highest Scorer, David Villa. With their next match against Germany, I have faith that my Hispanic Brethren shall defeat the German National Team.
Now back to what has begun. Today, after a failure to launch yesterday, I have begun quest to prepare for the upcoming high school swim season. Which, actually, is in the winter. But that is not the point. What matters is that it is my last season in high school as I will be a senior, but I may not continue competing in college, there is the possibility that nothing will materialize in any level of competition. As of right now, I'm starting out slow, taking it easy, and come this winter, I plan to reach as high as I can, cause when you reach for the stars, you're sure to land in the clouds (That was extremely cliche, even for me).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking The Rules

As always, plans can not be guaranteed when it comes to sea scouts. Once again I am looking for the blessing in disguise thats will appear from the cancelling of the summer cruise, and the replacing summer sail camp. With my new used car, I shall be granted the freedom I have been looking for, lets see where it takes me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What, Another Teen Movie?

Its my second day of semiofficial summer vacation as I have been exempted from my final exams. I can now safely say that it is summer for the next three or so months. I am now, no longer a junior. With that, and a 4.0 GPA for the year, I have now crossed off a second item on my list. Slowly but surely, I'm getting things done.

It may not be the same as graduating, but to say I've made it this far is something. Eleven years of general education, along side some early start programs, toss in some sports, challenging classes, travel, and it seems that what I've spent all this time doing and I'm happy with it.
Now its beautiful outside and I want to make the most of it. I've got plans for this summer, big plans, which means a lot to do. Its the summer before I'm a senior, and I've got experiences coming at me. Today was the start of it, and so far, it seems like its gonna be hard to top.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally My Time

It seems the end is finally here. Summer has arrived and I can not be more excited. I have plenty of plans that all can result in greatness. I will finally have time to film, create, build, and destroy all the I want to, all the while spending time with the people I want to. Even though I will have work, there are to many good things in my life to let me feel down about it. This is my summer, and I am finally a senior.

All In The Grand Ole Opry

So it seems I'm sitting here in DWMT and there, once again, is nothing to do. Luckily the Chile V. Honduras match is on, but I find it really hard to watch. I would rather be playing some soccer myself but what can I do, I'm at school for the last day and there is no escape. Even so, the match is almost over and then it will be another forty minutes till the next, which means more time being bored.
Truthfully, even if I could seem to watch it, I would keep thinking about what they're doing wrong. I wish I was in English right now cause I had fun last block. Monopoly is a really interesting game that I do like no matter how much people say that you can't like it.
What bugged me about it was the way the game was set as it was a different edition from the standard. America Here & Now, where the people voted for the different locations and pieces. I truly did not like the printed money as it was set in the high thousands for the most part topped with a 5 million dollar bill.
I'm not gonna lie, I kind of dominated, as the Boeing jet, I completed a set quickly and had plenty to buy the hotels on my next turn. Which was perfect as two people inevitably fell upon my territory, but sadly two barely escaped my clutches. But the game had to be cut short, and which some kidding, another person gained three peoples wealth and as I was feeling generous, I gave Corin mine. Never before has there been such domination. Now it seems that the match is over, and I have to get through the next five hours of school.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Creed

As the school year comes to a close, I've been getting this different feeling. Maybe its all this fresh air I've been grabbing but I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a senior. I have spent all this time in the educational system and its gonna come to an anticlimactic end. Either way, I do love this great weather, so summer, here I come.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Mind Being Right Scares Me

Something about an interesting picture that I like, especially those that are through cell phones. Considering how the medium isnt the best quality, to work with what you got takes some guts

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its In The Training

Alas, it seems plans are destined to change. The journey started out pretty simple. At 1700 I arrived as planned at the marina which two of my crew, George and Caroline were already there. I opened the cabin and we proceeded to stow our gear. As I hoped, all the gear that I would need for the ten day journey fit perfectly. Sometime within the hour, Skipper arrived followed by Ms. B who was towing Seth along. We discussed what we were gonna be doing the next day and figured out what provisions would be needed.
As soon as that was done, we replaced the outdated emergency signal kits. This, of course, made me excited cause we now have some flares that we can use to practice with (I am somewhat of a pyromaniac). We also went over the checklist, which proved to be a quick task as all seemed to be in order.
When we were done, around 1830, we headed out to dinner at a Greek and Italian restaurant by the name of Dennie's. I have to admit the atmosphere of the place was really laid back and the food was good. But since we had more task ahead of us, we proceed to shop at around 2000. We proceed to buy all our necessities and even some USB powered speakers, which we can now use for our musical needs as we are attached to shore power (No Country of course). Eventually we arrived back at the marina sometime after 2200.
Although tired my high anticipation for the trip made it difficult for me to fall asleep. Around 2330 Skipper woke up to go to the bathroom, and as I was unaware that I had been awake thought it was already 0200 and was forced to calm down as he told me to go back to bed. Somewhere around a possible 0100 I believe I settled into an invisible sleep to be woken up around 0300. It was finally time to go and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I began to organize the crew into preparations of taking off.
Everything was set and the GPS was ready, all that was needed was to turn the engine one and pull out. But there is where the problem came in. A high pitched squealing sound was coming from the engine. It seems that there was a problem with a crucial component to the generator and water pump, with a belt being to loose. With little possibility of having someone fix it in the next hour we were forced to abandon our quest.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Make It A Second Road

Today begins the journey I venture on, although only a short leg, it will preset the quest of a week and half at the end of the month. I am truly excited for the fact that I shall be ranking and the crew leader just for this weekend, yet not need worry myself for the longer cruise as I shall not be taking the reins.
Its been about nine months since I joined the ship and to think of how far I've come, all that I've done. It all seems as if I yet had a moment to rest. But all in all, I've come to enjoy this sense of tired, its an accomplished feeling.
I've decided to keep my own log, as to keep my own memories, something that I know will be my own journey. With it on paper, it'll be mine to share with who I choose. The idea behind this is not only cause it would be pretty cool to do, but rather a chance to be able to do something different with it. Make it something separate from my journey to graduation.

I found a picture taken by Skipper when we were just sailing on the Mirror for a little practice. While my friend was not to sure what she was doing, I directed her for the most part and we weren't to bad. But there is a unique appeal to that sail, its the color, so noticeable.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want Things Right With Cheese

A feeling I truly hate is disappointment, but not one of being disappointed, rather of disappointing someone else. I always try to do my best, always try to be a better person, and just in general do the right thing. Yet, for some reason I always tend to just screw things up. My insolence just tends to ruin my attempts.
In the end, its always in the wrong situation, I just want to portray a certain image to certain people. I wanna seem smart, good, look like a good person, like I do the right thing. In the end it seems that I want to portray the better image of me, the side I like, that I forsake the point of it all.
I make stupid excuses all the time, I want my mistakes to go away, I want that clean slate, reverse my stupidity, not the stuff that has changed me into who I am today but the stupid mistakes I tend to repeatedly make without any lesson learned.
Whats worse is that feeling I get when lying to someone really important to me. I can tell the truth for a while, keep the feeling away by being honest, yet when it comes to preserving that image I want to present, even when a small cause would barely alter it, I shrink away, placing a false barrier. But then that horrendous gut feeling occurs, but not necessarily the feeling a guilt. Its more of a feeling of disgust, lying to someone important and close to me makes me sick to my stomach, I hate it but eventually I always come to the point where I make the lie and I hate that I keep doing it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creator or Destroyer?

Occupying my mind in class has become quite a task as I count down towards summer vacation. Of course in most of my classes, when not bored by brain numbing tasks, created with the sole purpose to stem the masses from revolting, I try and get some sleep or just read a book, which currently is Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. Its an interesting novel of about 500 pages, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it as I did mean to read it earlier on in the school year but never got to it. But now, in my Design Web and Multimedia Technologies, it is hard to fall asleep or read as there is a computer monitor constantly in my face.
Since I a constantly able to breeze through the sometimes boring assignments, that usually incorporate plug and chug ideals, I have plenty of spare time. So, which permission of course, I end up spending a fair amount of time listening to music on listening to bands along the line of Something Corporate, This Time Next Year, Hit the Lights, or The Starting Line. But while listening to music and when in the mood for games, I do enjoy highly, playing Tetris, by the way, I'm always up for a little competition.
Recently at a common gaming site that I use to get my random gaming fix, the game of the day intrigued me. I've seen some of the show Wallace and Gromit and the movies as well but this was different. So I started playing and could not really stop until I finished it. And through the use of a embedding code, I bring you the game as played at Wallace & Gromit's World of Cracking Ideas:

I know that I really enjoyed playing and inventing objects to move through the levels. The huge freedom granted made this game alarmingly addicting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soldier of My Own Right

I've been in Advanced Placement United States History for the last eight or so months and I'm not gonna lie, its been great. There is something about History thats always intrigued me, maybe its just the variety of areas you can study, or maybe its the fact there isn't anything new (sorry for the odd pun).
Which brings us to the video below. For the final project of the year, which could make or break my grade, we were to choose someone from the list on a board at the back of the room. I had no idea who I wanted to choose and being first in my class, I just closed my eyes. I, of course, just walked straight forward with my finger sticking out. Due to my luck, my finger ended up between two people: Martin Luther King Jr. and Audie Murphy. Considering how everyone knows MLK Jr. I went with the underdog, Murphy.
So here I present my video presentation about the life of Audie Murphy:

Of course, for some, it may not be possible to watch the video on the page so, You've just been linked. However long I worked on the presentation isn't as important as the fact that I came up with a decent product, something that incorporates music, pictures, video, and narration. I just hope I don't get a bad grade cause that wouldn't make me too happy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Team Awesome

Today, while battling boredom in class, that usually stems from extra time in electives, which tend to sadly, not provide enough mental stimulation. To think that when you get to choose the class, that it would be a whole lot better. Well, from a friends blog several days, I notice a comment posted by this guy --> Christopher, which of course is awesome considering the basic Latin definition, carrier of Christ or carrier of the world. Despite the religious idea behind it, and since my name is a variation, and because his blog is titled The Nerd Archives, I decided to follow him.
Which brings us to today, when checking the list of new blog posts, his was at top, with a picture of Spock giving the Vulcan hand gesture (Live Long and Prosper). So I clicked the blue (but green here) Time to Say a Moderately Hasty Goodbye (I'm loving my HTML skills right now) After reading how he would be going to Texas for a month, I must now quote the reason I continued "also the date on which Abraham Lincoln lost his first tooth and Albert Einstein died whilst taking a bubble bath." Truly Christopher is a nerd, yet in a good way.
Since I have an extremely bad habit of clicking tabs and adding more stuff to read, I click on his other blog, The Chin Scratcher.
But rather than read in depth his liberal postings about the extreme right wing Texans, I just clicked another link (Last one, I promise). First thing I think is COMPETITION. But then, scratch that COMPETITION. I started to think about how I would have to do work to write some poetry considering how lately my mind thinks in single stanzas, usually unrelated babble or overly romanticized mush. But then I recall that I do have some old short poetry, stuff that isn't to complicated, maybe a little depressing but adequate, since I'm not in it to win it, but rather just try. So I decide to go with this, the best thing I could find, that I feel is good enough as an entry but not boring or just plain lame but truthful about by inability to write well enough.

I bring you: Writing the Perfect Song Talented Apathetic

I bring my pen to paper,
Forget it, the words are lost.
As soon as they came,
they are now gone.

How does this work,
Aren't the words supposed to flow.
Where is the masterpiece,
one to appear in moments.

I just can't figure it out,
unable to find the answer.
It seems very much unattainable,
The perfect song.

Inspiration isn't needed,
I've already found the perfect girl.
Her picture sits in front of me,
My feelings must not be enough.

How does everyone else do it,
It seems so impossible.
To write the perfect words,
And place them on paper.

I just can't figure it out,
unable to find the answer.
It seems very much unattainable,
The perfect song.

I suppose I won't know the results till after the deadline of June 30 at 7:09 PM (Ok...Maybe I lied, but I do like links, a lot.). All I can do is wait, and maybe hope for the best. Hoorah for COMPETITION

Friday, May 28, 2010

My New Anthem

Sometimes, I take someones work or words, I know it isn't always original, yet I recreate, make changes. While I do create my own work, I felt this was particularly enjoyable:

Float like a butterfly,
Sting like a bee.
There ain't no way,
I could be Muhammad Ali.
Just even then,
There wouldn't be a tie.
I could still take you down,
Anywhere from here to Dubai.

The original Ali quote is known by many, recited often, and the basis behind classic rhyming smack talk. Yet, I feel like mine takes it to a different level, maybe to confident yet different.

Skipper? What, Me?

I sometimes wonder, why am I sitting here?. This question is usually asked while I am sitting in my AP English class. After finishing the AP exam, the one which the whole school year was spent preparing for, I just no longer care to put much effort into the class. My desire to be out of school for the summer, doing what I want to do, just makes me restless.
It was never my attention to act the way I tend to act. Apparently my inability to filter what I say, causes me to over act. I may cause some trouble but I intend no harm. When I act up in class, its an over culmination of my apprehension, my want for summer.
All I ask for is some creative freedom, the ability to express myself, yet it seems oppression reigns supreme.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What is a Street Car?

With the final editing prowess and slow uploading time he typically takes to get work done, I bring you the final project made available from my friend and project partner, Corin.
Considering how we do not have the editing software or high tech equipment that many professionals do have, we did pretty well for ourselves, even with the time constraint. Our ability to have fun with the project while, actually including viable information, we brought forth, our successful project on the subject of the finances of the 1920s. Trust me with a camera, and you can trust me with success?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bearing the Burden

How do we get where we get? That is a question that intrigues me quite a bit, the true cause of a situation. Anything that happens results because of more than one party, and you can't truly know what happened since you do not know what goes on inside the head of the other party. Your own actions can only part of the reason, as another persons actions influence the consequences, good or bad.
I hold no qualms about what has occurred, but I just want to understand it. I can run through an event in my head to an indefinite amount, yet no matter the time spent thinking, I only know half the story. Even words spoken give up a small part. Emotional effects into it quite a bit as well, your own interpretation influences how you look back upon the occurrence.
The playback feature can take me only so far, muscle memory only tells one story, its all a mystery, yet that mystery plays into the power of an event. The fact that you know your part and no one else does, it your own though process. A unique entity that defines us, yet makes us separate.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take 2

After writing the essay, the one I posted yesterday, we were asked to use a site called animodo, to accompany the essay.

The song was supposed to represent the laid back style of the teen center while capture the excitement I felt for ping pong. With the text, I like the foggy background effect, gave it a somewhat surreal effect, which doubles pretty well with the bits and pieces of text from the essay. Something about the layered copys of the table that I like as well. The end whats great as the words "I Believe" pop up. If you believe, make it so.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Failing Fury

Today I took up the paddle for the first time in a long nine months and it looks like the winter was not good to my skills. For me to accomplish my goal, I'll have to work hard and play hard. While I may have set a high bar for myself, I think it'll be worth it. The day will come when I'll accomplish the lucky seven victories against my brother in ping-pong.
Although this piece was written early on in the year, it does encompass my beginnings in the sport and how lost many of hours going back and forth:

Thinking back to it all, the teen center was not what mattered. In fact, I would have survived without it, albeit, with a different lifestyle, but different nonetheless. What was important about it was what it had and what its amenities provided.

The teen center was open daily and was available, as the name implies, to all teens. The place was not that big, in fact at times it would feel claustrophobic as maybe twenty or so teens would occasionally sit down to play video games with the barrage of chairs taking up much more than a little space. The space issue never became a problem as the center tended only to a high school of 150 students.

Whenever I was there, I would be able to find something to do. Amidst the Xboxes, Play Stations, computers, and TVs, there was something that stood in the middle of it all.

The ping-pong table that stood in the center of the room was nothing special at all but it was not something new. In fact, it was just there, placed there as another part of the center. I do not believe when they first bought it that it would be used more than any of the other games, especially the game consoles.

What mesmerized me was not the table but was the players. They were not anywhere near professional caliber but there was something about them that caught my eye. I noticed they were playing seriously but were much more reserved than usual.

The room around the table was pretty much tailored as to give it plenty of room for its spectators and nothing to get in the way of the game. This may not sound hard but with the low roof and clunky design of the building, it was a difficult task.

When I first was at the age where I could spend time at the center, I spent most of it watching. I did not care much to play video games, watch TV, or use the computer. All I wanted to do was to spend hours on end watching the ball bounce back and forth. For hours it did with an endless supply of competitors, the table spent barely a moment untouched and only received rest when the center closed.

After all that time I spent observing and learning the rules, I eventually picked up the paddle. Who my first opponent was or even how badly I did was not important but I felt something different. It was an escape. I have always enjoyed sports but there was never anything as simple as being able to pick up a paddle after a long day of school.

No wonder that table was the most popular thing in the center. It came to be that I was willing to spend time waiting, time I did not have, just to experience the relaxing sound of that ball bouncing back and forwards. Win or lose, I just felt great afterwards with a better outlook on life. I would feel on top of the world and that nothing would be able to take down. That table was a place to relax and allow me to relieve the stresses of daily life.

I believe that all we need to live life is something simple, something as simple as ping-pong.

What I enjoyed most about writing this "This I Believe" essay was the fact I got the freedom to write what I wanted to, speak how I wanted to speak, present to the world that this sport is a large part of me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Have The World In Our Hands

As time goes by, memories are made. When memories are made, history is created. What Team Unknown as done is made a whole universe onto itself. But with this universe comes mistakes. Although we have filmed about an hour overall, and only fifteen minutes went into our video, we have bloopers and extra stock film. We've compiled the best blooper, commentary of Austin in the truck with the camera, and the audio you would not normally hear in the music video.

I feal solemn about our projects timely end and one day, I do hope to go back to working with the fine and creative Corin, Austin, Aaron.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Going back to the interesting abilities that my friends and I have, and our capablities to turn boring inane activies into creative and useful experiences, we conituned our Great Gatsby Project with a music video. Despite the highly improbably possible to intertwine the video to the book, we just decided to run with it.
Hopefully, with an increase in cast size by a couple of people this summer, we might be able to expand our creative horizon and continue to make music videos and other somewhat improved films.

Sadly the audio is unavailable because of various legal methods, so leave me a comment, so I can get you the audio for it through an email message. So far I've enjoyed working on this project, and whether or not this is the final reel for the music video, I guess I could say I've done one item on my list:

Although I haven't made much speedy progress on my list, I'd like to thank my cast mates, Corin, Austin, and Aaron, for helping out on this project, it seems like we set out to do what we wanted to do and did it. If you have the inspiration, it seems like you should use it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Doubt?

I generally don't allow myself to get worked up over politics, especially involving school. But there is just something about the idea of cutting any sports team that makes me aggravated over the stupidity of such an idea.
Sports for me have always been a huge part of my life. From recreational to high school varsity, when it comes to competition, another part of me comes alive. I have benefited from the camaraderie of triumphs and defeats, the pain and successes of effort, and the desire to do our best.
The way I see it, sports are important for high schools and should remain a vital part and not cut as budgets are lowered. In many schools, spirit and morale is low, with athletics, it gives many students a viable way to show support for their school, by both watching and participating. When you take away a factor that connects people you wouldn't see anywhere else, the men and women of the future will turn out different.
It'll be a sad day when a sport is cut because it can not be afforded and I hope that it won't ever happen, but it seems that school boards across the nation fail to see the true benefits of athletics to the students in their schools.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Give A Teen A Cookie...

In effect, giving teenagers a video camera can sometimes create interesting situations. Some may allow creativity to soar, while others use pure stupidity to captivate. When you give me a camera, I curse the ability to capture movement and would rather take stills. Of course, give Corin a camera, and pair him up with Aaron, Austin, and myself, and you can expect to find a mixture of art, comedy, and pure action.
Here I present a scene from the documentary we are filming for AP English Language and Composition included with a little commentary on the action scene:

Who knows how well this will turn out in the end, all I can guess is that it'll be interesting to say the least.

Friday, April 23, 2010

This Is How We Do It

I find it amusing that many people do not appreciate lifeguards enough. Considering how its their job to keep the patrons of the pool safe, lifeguards have to do what they have to do.
While many people see life guarding as simply sitting on a chair for several hours, the job entails much more than that. Even the part of the job that is sitting in a chair, isn't just aimlessly looking at the people swimming.
Often, what happens is that lifeguards are the janitorial staff at the pool as well. They tend to be required to pick up the mess left by people, including wet food which sticks to concrete. The bathrooms that rushed kids use, are cleaned by the lifeguards who tend to spend many hours outside in one day. In essence, lifeguards have to maintain the pool themselves, and for the ones that are underpaid for their duties, they can become easily frustrated, and that sadly is taken out on the patron.
In the most rigorously managed pools, lifeguards are constantly trained to make sure no error occurs in case of emergency. This is time out of a lifeguards day to make sure they will be able to save a patrons life.
Of course, there are times when a lifeguard needlessly acts strict. A kid running to the bathroom isn't just seen as a blatant violation of pool rules, but possibly a kid with a traumatic head injury. Children horse playing isn't just simple splashing, but possibly an unconscious kid who may have permanent brain damage.
Lifeguards do enjoy having fun, but at a pool, anything that happens can lead to something a whole lot worse. In my opinion, while I do know CPR and First-Aid, I don't want to ever have to use it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rain on his Parade for a Change

When I think of rain, I tend to think of two opposite fronts. On one side, there is the peaceful and revitalization side of it, and at the other end of the spectrum is the destructiveness of rain.
I'm not to sure which side I like more. Like any argument, both sides bring their merits to the table.
For one, a nice small rain brings relaxation, a simple excuse to just stay in and take a break from it all. Even if you need to go outside, the slight breeze feels nice and refreshes one. The light rain allows for chivalry to take place, for a guy to sacrifice his coat doing a nice deed for his lady friend while being no big deal for him. Even the classic jacket over a small puddle would be no bother. Even a sense of romance can bloom from that, even though commonly left to film and television.
On the other hand, beauty can lie in destruction. With pouring rain can come the awe-inspiring power of lighting. Although believed to never strike in the same place twice, there is no actual need for it to do so, as whatever it hits suffers permanent damage. The wind of a large storm can cause tremendous damage as well, pretty much being a storms arm, throwing objects through glass.
Even in the end, something as simple as a rainbow can be expected and through it all I find it impressive that it can bring life or death, you've just got wait till the clouds clear to see the end result.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cruising On Up?

I just took a look at my goal list before graduation and I seem to now have a problem with it. Its not like all the tasks on the list are hard, in fact, I know I'm capable of doing all of them and thats what seems to be the problem.
As of right now, I feel extremely content with where I'm at, it seems like I could live the way I am right now, for a really long time. In fact, I wouldn't give any of it up. But the problem lies in complacency. How do I know when the turbulent waters will be coming when there are none around? For all I know, life will come crashing down tomorrow and I'll be unequipped for it. I've lived my life as an observer, someone who just gathers data, but now its like I'm a field agent, up in the front lines, yet no one else knows that things have changed, that their is another person who in the action. They don't realize that I in the midst of it all.
Whats wrong with that is the fact that while I'm busy living life, the rules will have changed without me knowing. In fact, I heard somewhere that according to something along the lines of quantum theory that merely observing an experiment changes its outcome. Will the fact I'm no longer observing life change its outcome? I guess I'll just have to enjoy this amazing distraction and I won't have a problem with that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Once Knew A Teacher

There is a statement by the name of Murphy's law. It goes, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Of course I know this to not be pure fact. Although in my life there have been rough spots, plenty of fine sailing has occurred without a hitch. This of course relates in no way to the possibility of a jinx, despite the fact superstitions are somewhat rooted in reality.
Murphy's law does seem to take a more powerful truth in my life as a military brat. Many possible problems can arise as there is no way to truly know what will happen in your parents lives, if they'll be deployed, or if there ranking officer will say no to those couple days he or she will need to take you on a camping trip.
The thing that I like the most about Murphy's law is the exaggeration. There will always be the chance that things will go great. In fact, Murphy's law seems to state that eventually things will go wrong, for something to be perfect is impossible. Thats what scares me, that when something is going great, how will you know the moment where it all crumbles. Anyways, I guess I'll just have to enjoy life until that moment comes, and hope it never does.

Friday, April 16, 2010

11:59 P.M.

On occasion I've come to the point where poetry has helped me occupy my mind. Whilst simply writing barely causes any distraction, poetry requires me to think, you choose the right words to convey what I want. Where rambling tends to be common in my writing, I have to be more careful with poetry.
I really like haiku because they are really simplistic in form yet the best haiku can take time to refine or mere moments to create. A basic pattern of five, seven, five is so mindbogglingly easy yet to have to cut out one syllable to form the poem can create chaos. It sometimes requires the writer to know the English language to find the best grouping of words.
Although I don't write many, or ever, I come up with them at random times on any sort of topic. Lately though, my mind has been pretty occupied. Sometimes it comes to the point where my eyes freeze and my mind goes blank till the occupation somehow leaves my mind. The simplest task becomes difficult as I get bored, my mind returns.
Well, the other night I was lying awake as my mind searched for the right words. I somehow came up with this:

Minute till midnight
I just can not get to sleep
You're still on my mind

I know it isn't perfect, the words themselves pertain to between proper and common dialectical English. I wish I could make it flow better but I haven't been able to form the words right, but overall, its the expression that matters most.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silence of the Lambs

Silence is intriguing. To know the presence of another in the vicinity yet to hear no sound grips at ones mental well being.
I imagine being deaf to be something like being in a swimming pool at the bottom of the deep end. You can look up and see people above you moving around, the landing of water as it splashes down. You can see the jets of water being pumped into the pool. While all this action occurs, no sound can be heard. You're left alone purely to your thoughts and a simple whisper in your head becomes a shout.
This is why I feel sort of afraid of the AP exams and the SATs. While other standardized tests held less weight, and people cared less, the participants taking these tests know the huge significance of them. While people may have made jokes before, the crowds are bound to be more serious as they chooses to take these tests, even paying money. They will all want to pass these tests, and while attempting, chances are they won't make a peep. If I can barely sit still during a regular test, how will I survive the deafening silence for several hours?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thats What She Said

You truly know its a good omen of a great day to come when on a boat with plenty of new sailors, that you enter your slip perfectly without any trouble placing lines.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Call to Arms

As a military brat, I've always had an expected sense of being a good person by doing right and helping others. With scouting as a young child, it was a great way to cultivate that feeling while my parents could be involved and help out by guiding me. Of course after reaching Wolf, a lack of participation, common to overseas troops, scouting was sidelined. When in Sigonella, I was unable to continue my way into Bear as sports were a very important part of my life. After discovering that fellow classmates that were friends, were Boy Scouts in the seventh grade, I convinced my parents to let me join up and I feel that was an important decision in my life.
The issue that generally arose from scouting was my indifference to completing the various requirements to rise a rank. It was not that I didn't like to do the various activities or learn skills, but the fact that I felt no need to prove my capabilities. Following a long period of time, I finally did rank up, yet I was, so I think, already knowledgeably in various scouting fields and an able leader. After the quick movement from Tenderfoot to First Class, I became the elected Senior Patrol Leader. Despite the Troop in a slump, we ended up completed what we set out to do, and all the younger scouts learned well and enjoyed what we did. But what was also important about this aspect of my life was my Father. Although I did like doing things on my own, my Dad being at scouts was more as him being any other adult leader, he let me do my tasks on my own while offering the assistance and guidance as needed. I was able to grow up while knowing that this was something we had in common, as I was not much of a successful athlete.
Sadly it came to an end, although I was a successful scout and a great leader, the Navy required my dad to spend his next tour on sea duty requiring our family to move once again. Since Boy Scouts tends to be structured where those who've been with the troop longer are more likely to be elected to positions, I saw no way to actually make Eagle Scout. I simply just decided to not join a new troop and end my scouting era.
After a year away from scouting, a friend reintroduced a fabled area of scouting. While Venturing did seem a viable option, I did not know Sea Scouts to be a successful area as what would be my local council did not have a ship. A friend from my school and coworker introduced me to a ship that wasn't too far away but was in a different council, since she knew I just joined the schools sailing team, she felt I would like Sea Scouts as well. Due to a natural disposition towards trying beyond my bounds, the ability to drive myself made it easier to become active, and the more I active I've become the more I've enjoyed it. Sea Scouting became more accessible without the need for a ride. The most beneficial part of Sea Scouting is the fact that a variety of sources, whether it be the different levels of education or the different genders or different experiences, Sea Scouts, and Venturing allows for a greater scouting experience than a troop would. Activities including other ships and crews brings forth a whole different set of rules to the table. Creative and unique ideas are brought forth as most of the scouts realize that these are people you won't see much of ever again making thought processes more experimental. The climatic environment allows for one to realize that you have one life, and you've got to be willing to put yourself out there to be successful.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sound of Art

After some discussion maybe three or so weeks ago, a friend Corin in my English class, figured out at who was better at more things. This talk took a huge chunk of time, and we did not finish the work, but either way, some progression was made. Overall we decided that when it comes to generalizations, he was better academically and I took the cake when it comes to athletics and art. Sometime after, I came to realize, when talking to another friend, Sarah, that we didn't figure who would be better at music. Since Sarah knew both of us, I unofficially decided and told her so that she was the better musician.
A few days ago while talking to Sarah, she told me she was having someone design her tattoo when she could get one, along the lines of musical notes and the word hallelujah. Since I haven't worked on a piece in a while, I chose to make my own rendition of what I would make it look like.

The instrument is the Baritone, which in fact would be a bit more elongated but I wasn't able to draw it entirely correct since I have not seen one up close. The music is of the song, Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright but originally by Leonard Cohen , where the lyrics would be "goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor falls, the major lift, the baffled king composing" then rather than finish the line, I put the beginning "Ha-lle-" and decided to cut into the next line. I personally like the image except for some issues since I penned over pencil making it look faded. I suppose that all I could do was give my best shot combining music and art.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Danger Alert

It has come to my attention recently that this recent warm weather is dangerous to me. Its not like I have massive allergies or some sort of aversion to the sun. In fact, my job entails me to work large hours outside at a pool surrounded by plenty of trees that aggravatingly shed pretty much into the pool. So in no way am I physically endangered. Nor am I wounded mentally by the fact that the heat bothers me since I do prefer cold winter weather.
Its not like I just got senioritis, since I feel like I've had it come the beginning of the school year. The two AP classes I'm taking have not exactly overwhelming but rather the tests as the teachers explained them at the start. The massive amount of preparation for one test has made me loose the effort I tend to take to a class, therefore my desire to excel has become a desire to get at least a B. With this loss of immense drive, all I yearn for is graduation.
Well, as the temperature increases, and my ability to drive myself places constantly remind me of this coming summer. That coupled with my senioritis makes me care less about the coming quarter of course work and AP exams and just want to cruise on by. This poses a problem as it seems I that will barely skim by with my desired 4.0 GPA for the year. It seems my only hope would be for a impossible weather change to lower temperatures, a little snow would be nice as well. Since that won't happen, I suppose its time to shape up, or I'll have to ship out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Destruction of Craft

From a somewhat embarrassing misfortune, I discovered a large disappointment. I've known about the desperate situation art forms are in as society becomes streamlines everything and only the select few still appreciate art. I of course have taken part in the simplified art created by modern technology but it disappoints me more so when reduces his career based on a form of art into sufficient and quicker ways to make money.
Well, simply put, I made a huge mistake when I decided to trust habit as I made my way outside in the morning. Suffice to say, I grabbed the wrong set of car keys, the one without a house key on it while naturally locking the door knob lock before shutting it. Without a house key, I was stranded outside with no way back inside for a very long time. My only option required calling a locksmith to open the door.
For much of my life, I've enjoyed figuring out how things work. This fascination has fueled both a high amount of informational reading and hands on experience. Somewhere within my readings I found an article on the internet about lock picking. The basic actions are simple enough yet to successfully pick a lock, one must know the inner workings of the tumbler and the grace to unlock in correctly.
What disappointed me the most about this locksmith was the destruction of his craft. Rather than walk up and rather than pick the lock he pulled out two square inflatable bags similar to those used to check blood pressure. After placing the bags above and below the lock, the smith simply used a paint scraper like a credit card and opened the door. At first this might seem as a simpler way to do his job rather than pick the lock but the first thing the smith said when he arrived on the scene was a long the lines of lets see if we can at least save the lock, as if he was gonna break the lock if unable to open it with the paint scraper.
In the end, I was disappointed by the absence of the lock picking, the one thing I was looking forward to during the three hour wait. As the world continues its journey into a world of pure efficiency, it seems art forms will be sacrificed as a result.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cut Into Little Pieces

I decided that today, considering how sunny the weather has been lately, that I would go out and take advantage of it by practicing my photography skills. Another activity that I do occasionally enjoy alongside scenery photography, is photo editing. So using, here comes a set of my photos.

This a sweet Mustang I found upon my photographic journey, especially since its a black GT. I originally was gonna make the tree in the background that was pink be the only think in color, but I felt the blue tint of the Mustang looked a whole lot cooler.

This shot I barely got, I was looking at something else when I heard the two birds collide, and I turned fast enough with my finger on the shutter button before they landed, didn't even see either fly afterwards. I like the medium pencil sketch effect, plus the invert makes it look like a grainy film reel.

I was sitting in the car when I got the idea to take a picture of the side view mirror which in its view had two trucks as well as the house. I've always loved the neon effect, especially when coupled with the black and white layer before, but with the red door, garage door and window panels, the red seems to fit well.

This was one of the two birds in the flying picture beforehand when he was crossing the street. I used two different effects for this one, the first was called posterize which simply used a set number of colors and removes the rest. The second was 1960s which when coupled together with posterize makes the picture seem like something sort of out of a old magazine with an article about the Vietnam war.
Overall, although this may not be considered true art, I feel that the more I practice, the better I become at photography, even maybe one day I'll be really good at it, but for now, all I can do is practice. And in the end, I think practicing my skills was a good way to spend the day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Clap

Today, in my AP English class, after the final test was complete, I decided to try and start a slow clap. Although I had a near perfect progression, it did not catch on. Following some discussion about a friend's issue, a romantic one, a fellow participant and I decided that the problem would be resolved simply by a kiss at the end of the day which make the "issued" one's romantic issue leave their partner and go for our friend. As if stolen from my head, the fellow discussion participant who agreed with me said that they will be there at the location, and would start a slow clap but even then, could it be possible to complete such a feat. And would I just be Kyle and fail to rise to the occasion while letting Erick steal my thunder (Not Another Teen Movie reference)?
The slow clap has such a powerful effect, yet it has one fatal flaw, it only truly works in moves and television, locations where the perfect situation for a slow clap ever occur. The moment in teenage oriented films where the opportunity for a slow clap arises requires an action out of the ordinary that most high school students are too fearful to do. Even in a typical high school, generally no one has any clue as to what exactly is happening and it is highly unlikely a slow clap will start or even catch on. The moment itself is too short and therefore requires a keen to catch it and start a clap correctly or it would seem messed up and be ignored. Possibly the only way to have a successful slow clap would be to have a predetermined starter along with a dispersed group of people knowledgeable of the upcoming moment, in fact, the moment would have to have both people knowing what is about to happen to prevent any sort of variable or rejection. If a rejection occurs, the slow clap would fail and the clapper may appear to be an idiot of sorts. With the slow clap having way to many fallible components, it shall forever be left in the realm of film and television.
In the end, after a long day of anticipation, nothing came of the discussion. As luck would have it, the friend's romantic interest seemed to be in better terms with their relationship partner. Therefore the friend lost the courage to act and has been pushed back a step in their quest. As it seems, the moment for the slow clap is elusive and even if found, it requires a midas touch of sorts to make it work right. And to my friend, if you're reading, your day will come.