Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy Yet Motivated?

August 4, 2010: After picking up Kathleen and arriving at the Marina, I stowed my gear aboard the ODay 25. Afterwards Sarah arrived and we proceeded to discuss plans for the weekend. I was able to comprehend the charts with ease and figure out what the various markings meant. After doing so, the currently present crew and skipper drank what was left of two unopened bottles of both Coke and Sprite. Eventually both George and Katie made it to the marina and we sat in relative piece drinking. After Caroline dropped off her assigned food and Mrs. B arrived we shut down for the night and went to our berths, guys on Relaxation and girls on Freedom II.
August 5, 2010: Awoke around six, an hour earlier than what was planned. It was a tad difficult to sleep with the sun lighting the cabin. I quietly stowed my gear, and did so without disturbing anyone. I also grabbed my drawstring bag which already had my day clothes, toothbrush and a couple other items. My first order of business was to go to the bathroom, where I got changed. Without any need to return to the ODay, I sat on the steps of the finger pier and listened to my iPod as I felt I was in need of some pump up music. Was listening to an unsigned band by the name of I Love Monsters, got to say I was enjoying their sound. Simply spent the hour listening to my music and wondering what was going through Sarah's crazy mind as she ran up and down the docks. Around seven the anyone who wasn't already up was woken and soon afterward breakfast was served. I do enjoy the idea of Froot Loops with marshmallows. The day moved forward with us performing various tasks, with first going to the Church to grab what we felt we needed. Later, after lunch we went to West Marine to pick up some oil for the gasoline needed to fuel the ODay. While there, I bought a new Third Reef jacket and a pair of sailing gloves. I also got a sailing sticker for my car. After we got the sad news that Caroline wouldn't be joining us, we went out to dinner at Hawaiian BBQ. When exiting the weather was taking a turn for the worst. When we returned to the marina it began to rain. Sarah and I grabbed the purchased equipment and made our way to our slips which is when it began to pore down. Sarah and I made a run for it. We dropped the port-a-potty off in the Contest and everything else in the ODay, we were about to make a run back but Skipper arrived and we decided to hid out on the ODay where skipper installed the VHF radio properly. We listen to the NOAA forecast, and then skipper eventually returned to the parking lot. After a short wait, Seth returned and told us to grab our foul weather gear and go to the parking lot. With my new jacket on, which was amazing, we grabbed the large ice chest and placed it on the foredeck of the Contest. After the rain subsided even more, I proceeded to get change and head to my berth for sleep.
August 6, 2010: Once again I woke up early as I cannot seem to control my urge to be busy doing something. After getting changed I once again listened to my iPod. After a half an hour wait or so, everyone was woken got ready. Breakfast was to wait until after we got underway. As soon as we could we quickly left the slip. While leaving the marina, I quickly ate some breakfast and returned to the deck. We quickly raised the main sail after passing under the bridge. With Kathleen and I on Alpha watch, she took the helm while I manned the main sheet. Mr. Middlecoop and Seth took the Bravo watch. Eventually, after we passed Craney Island, we changed course and headed up the James River. Somewhere along the way we also raised the Genoa. While sailing up the James River, we passed over the Monitor-Merrimac Tunnel. Next came the James River Bridge which had a lift as a cargo ship escorted by two tugboats passed port to port at the same time under the bridge. Down the James the river died down extremely and we were slowly making way totally under engine power with the sun bearing down making for an excruciatingly annoying four to six hours. Eventually we made our approach to the Chickahominy which did in fact no longer have the swing bridge and was replaced by one with a 52 foot clearance. Along the river we took down both the Genoa and the Main as there was no wind. The power line across the river was not there either. After about two hours we made it into the marina and successfully tied up quickly. As the weather was not looking good, we decided to have our dinner out this night rather than Saturday. After dinner we spent sometime lounging about before heading off to sleep.
August 7, 2010: As the pool was not open till after ten, I once again woke up early and spent time sitting down, listening to my iPod before breakfast. After eating breakfast and cleaning up, the pool was the first order of business, for a couple hours we just played around enjoying ourselves until lunch time. After which, I somehow decided that sleeping might be a good idea as after waking up early for the last few days tired me out. Eventually I was woken, to which few words were said I and I went back to sleep. But after some time, unknown to me, I was forced a smoothie into my hand and told to drink. Unable to drink and sleep at the same time, I was woken and could not return to sleep. The next couple hours were just spent hanging around until dinner time as many others themselves, took naps. When dinner came, I took it upon myself to volunteer as grill master which I feel I completed successfully. After cleaning up, the pool once again became priority where we swam as the night darkened and the bikers came out to sing. After enjoying our post dinner show, we decided to pack in to play a game of Nautical trivia. With Mr. Middlecoop on my team, we dominated early answering almost every question given to us only to lose due to another teams pure luck. After this loss, I decided with good weather about, to sleep in the cockpit which was comfortable for me.
August 8, 2010: With another early start we headed out early. We set up just the main sail outside the Chickahominy as there was really only light wind once again but came to put up the Genoa afterwards. We continued this way making slightly faster headway than two days before. Along the way, the crew leader was feeling a tad under the weather so I took over the log duty and did just fine doing so. Just to make sure we had enough fuel, we took an approach to Rescue where we topped off and ate dinner at Capt Chuck-a-mucks as we were expected to arrive late and dinner time was upon us. After leaving the very shallow Pagan river with narrow channels, we put up just the main sail as heavy winds came down. When approaching the James River bridge, which was not up, our engine began to overheat due to a crack in the cooling system. We made haste an raised the Genoa to get full sail power and passed under the bridge. After traveling some length, the engine cooled a bit and Mr. Middlecoop was able to add some coolant so we could turn the engine back on. We proceed this way till past the Monitor-Merrimac and around Craney Island. But in the darkening night the GPS lost its signal and we were required to use all piloting skills available to keep us from running aground. But once again, the engine began to overheat and we had to rely upon sail power. Navigating the Western Branch with just sail power was no easy feat, and as we slowly made our way down the river, we eventually were able to turn the engine on for one last go. We eventually made it back to the marina after near the bridge, lowering both sails. Quickly docking, we made it back with less than an hour till midnight. Tired, we grabbed our gear and headed home.

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