Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let Us See Where We Go From Here

My name is Kris Rodriguez,
I am who I am.
Nothing in world can change that,
As it is a matter of fact.
I am a swimmer,
I am a sailor.
The water is where I belong,
It is my domain.
I am a Midshipman,
In the United States Navy,
Greatest force on, in, and around the water,
Ever known to man.
My job is to learn,
Go to college,
Get a degree,
To become an officer.
I am a Hokie,
Gobble gobble.
There is more to me,
Stuff that I might not,
Be able to comprehend,
More that can be seen.
But I am me,
And I know who I am.
But do you know,
Who you are?