Monday, September 13, 2010

Time Goes By, and Cheese Only Gets Better

Alas, I've come across another item to cross of my list, a good way to hit off my senior year. As typical of my Mondays, I had sailing practice which turned out to be pretty awesome.
So it all started off with Natalie, the team captain, not feeling to well, so she missed practice. This left open a boat, as there were only four dedicated skippers, I took the chance to step up and get some practice skippering.
Little did I know I would get stuck with the evil redhead known as Meghan Grumbling. I can honestly say, I was not excited about sailing with her. But through some apparent trading, I received Ollie(possibly the best sailor on the team)'s Crew Aaron, a fellow senior.
Since he had more experience with sailing, he took the skipper's position while I became his crew. Although tad disappointed, it was ok, we had fun just arguing and having random bouts of horrible start practicing with the light wind.
Eventually, I told him to let me skipper and he obliged, he was getting tired of just doing starts. Little did he know, the next start was actually gonna be a race. Since he had not much option, he was forced to crew my race which started off with us in second place.
But do to Ollie's great skills, he was able to come off a bad start and became second to the mark. With that he was able to force Caitlin off course slowing them both down, giving us the chance to gain some ground.
Here is where the tables turned, still in third place we had covered a lot of ground at the mark and were heading down wind as well as Caitlin and Ollie. We placed our sails as best as possible leaning all the way, near to the point of capsize, slowly going with the light wind.
Somehow though, we were gaining ground. With both of us in the front of the boat, pretty much on top of each other were speeding up. It was to the point were my arm was stretched back all the way holding the tiller extension, straining my shoulder.
Even through our good fortune we had some bad news. We were baring down on the finish line, actually taking the lead pretty close to it when the current became a problem. We were heading straight for the mark, or even outside the finish line. Trying to turn the boat with an already extended tiller arm, was painful. But in the end, we pulled of a close win, and even crossing the finish line, Aaron fell backwards into the back of the boat do to all the strain.
And in the end, thats how I won a boating race.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being On The Cover

Ahh, at last, the countdown can truly begin as today I began my senior year. I can't say exactly that I was too excited as waking up before seven was not all that appealing following a nice summer which included plenty of sleeping in. But alas, most good things tend to end.
First class I had was not to bad as it was Art III with a new teacher by the name of Ms. Johnson. I think I'll probably like her but I'm sure it'll be an interesting semester, with me probably being difficult as usual.
My second class was Honors Physics with probably the happiest lady on Earth named Ms. Kennedy. For one, she just couldn't seem to stop talking, commonly with such unexplainable happy terms that made me smile and even chuckle, but I can't help but feel it wasn't with her, but a laugh at her. I don't understand how someone can be at this school for any period of time and be that happy, something must of cracked in her.
Now, this is the best part of my day, I had Guitar I third and from what the Mr. Sauber has said, and how he acts, the class is gonna be chill and good. Learning to play guitar is probably gonna be the best part of my day. Also what makes it better is the fact that I have lunch in the middle of the class, so food and fun, what could be more awesome.
This happens to be my guitar, its an all black Yamaha F335 and I'm gonna learn to play it.
Finally I ended the day with Ms. Rhodes in AP Government. While it won't be the same as APUSH was with Jones, I'm sure its gonna be just as crazy and good and even just as odd at times. It may be my hardest class, but I'm sure I'll love it too.
So I've taken one day down of what will be my last year in High School, and I can't help but say, there will be way to many more ahead.