Wednesday, December 29, 2010

His Name Is Mango

Today, I had an amazing day doing something I never saw myself doing before. It was just really cool. With my group we visited Crystal River in Florida. While there, we snorkled and swam with the manatees. There was something spiritual about these creatures as they calmly move around. My favorite moment was when a calf swam by me pretty much begging to be petted. But along came its mother out of nowhere scaring me, but it was just comforting knowing that these fascinating mammals trusted me and that I could trust them, it was beautiful. I would never trade this memory for anything. Oh and by the way, the picture is my super cute and amazing girlfriend Sarah, holding a stuffed manatee

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now Thats An Amazing Girl

Tis the season, for the awesome thing known to students as winter break. As of now, classes are let out for me for two wonderful weeks, which was extended by a Thursday and Friday due to snowfall.
Now people typically celebrate this time of year with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none at all. But no matter what you celebrate, those still in the education system get to enjoy this break.
Do what you want with it, or nothing at all. For this break is what you choose of it, because it is just that, a break. For myself, I've decided to dedicate most of my time to watch tv, play online games, and just plain chilling. But I'm not totally squandering it as next week I'll shall be spending time down in Florida visiting NASA and swimming with some Manatees, or so thats the plan.
I guess I could bring about a little update of my swimming. My Y swim season ended earlier this month for the first session, but I'll be back for the second session because I do enjoy the laid back style I can take, the awesome coach, and just kidding around with the young-ins. I did end the season with a bang, pulling personal records in the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 fly, with blue ribbons as well.
Sadly, my swim team for high school hasn't been doing to well. Its though being a ten man team and competing with larger schools that have better chances. But we did take a victory and as of now our record stands 1 win to 4 losses.
I guess otherwise, thats most of whats been going on in my life, swimming and chilling.