Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trekking Forward

Once again, I realize it has been to long of a time between my posts. Although I may not entirely be too busy, I just get distracted by life and neglect other areas. But here I am now, and I do wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those who read now.
Now on to some good news, my high school swim team had its tryouts the other week, and once again, I made it. We shall see how my final season goes, but I am excited for my first meet, next Friday.
And now, my main event, another physics assignment. I do enjoy the more hands on portion of physics and I really like this project. Simply put, I was to design and build a small catapult.

Rather than use the typical crossbar that most catapults use to transfer the inertia of the swinging arm to the flying object, I decided to use rope on the rear end. The purpose of this was to prevent cracking from the wood on wood contact.

I feel that my process was a success, and now my next step is to increase the force by purchasing shorter bungee chords. I don't know how it will fare compared to my other classmates, but its still pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fight Of Your Life

The point of the assignment was to find a new way to protect objects during shipping. This is for my physics class and since I was lazy I decided socks. The concept itself is simple, take two eggs and keep them from breaking during a fifteen foot drop in a shoebox, added challenge:a quart size bag of dirt. I dont know how well they shall fare but I wish my two eggs good luck this Thursday.