Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking The Rules

As always, plans can not be guaranteed when it comes to sea scouts. Once again I am looking for the blessing in disguise thats will appear from the cancelling of the summer cruise, and the replacing summer sail camp. With my new used car, I shall be granted the freedom I have been looking for, lets see where it takes me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What, Another Teen Movie?

Its my second day of semiofficial summer vacation as I have been exempted from my final exams. I can now safely say that it is summer for the next three or so months. I am now, no longer a junior. With that, and a 4.0 GPA for the year, I have now crossed off a second item on my list. Slowly but surely, I'm getting things done.

It may not be the same as graduating, but to say I've made it this far is something. Eleven years of general education, along side some early start programs, toss in some sports, challenging classes, travel, and it seems that what I've spent all this time doing and I'm happy with it.
Now its beautiful outside and I want to make the most of it. I've got plans for this summer, big plans, which means a lot to do. Its the summer before I'm a senior, and I've got experiences coming at me. Today was the start of it, and so far, it seems like its gonna be hard to top.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally My Time

It seems the end is finally here. Summer has arrived and I can not be more excited. I have plenty of plans that all can result in greatness. I will finally have time to film, create, build, and destroy all the I want to, all the while spending time with the people I want to. Even though I will have work, there are to many good things in my life to let me feel down about it. This is my summer, and I am finally a senior.

All In The Grand Ole Opry

So it seems I'm sitting here in DWMT and there, once again, is nothing to do. Luckily the Chile V. Honduras match is on, but I find it really hard to watch. I would rather be playing some soccer myself but what can I do, I'm at school for the last day and there is no escape. Even so, the match is almost over and then it will be another forty minutes till the next, which means more time being bored.
Truthfully, even if I could seem to watch it, I would keep thinking about what they're doing wrong. I wish I was in English right now cause I had fun last block. Monopoly is a really interesting game that I do like no matter how much people say that you can't like it.
What bugged me about it was the way the game was set as it was a different edition from the standard. America Here & Now, where the people voted for the different locations and pieces. I truly did not like the printed money as it was set in the high thousands for the most part topped with a 5 million dollar bill.
I'm not gonna lie, I kind of dominated, as the Boeing jet, I completed a set quickly and had plenty to buy the hotels on my next turn. Which was perfect as two people inevitably fell upon my territory, but sadly two barely escaped my clutches. But the game had to be cut short, and which some kidding, another person gained three peoples wealth and as I was feeling generous, I gave Corin mine. Never before has there been such domination. Now it seems that the match is over, and I have to get through the next five hours of school.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Creed

As the school year comes to a close, I've been getting this different feeling. Maybe its all this fresh air I've been grabbing but I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a senior. I have spent all this time in the educational system and its gonna come to an anticlimactic end. Either way, I do love this great weather, so summer, here I come.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Mind Being Right Scares Me

Something about an interesting picture that I like, especially those that are through cell phones. Considering how the medium isnt the best quality, to work with what you got takes some guts

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its In The Training

Alas, it seems plans are destined to change. The journey started out pretty simple. At 1700 I arrived as planned at the marina which two of my crew, George and Caroline were already there. I opened the cabin and we proceeded to stow our gear. As I hoped, all the gear that I would need for the ten day journey fit perfectly. Sometime within the hour, Skipper arrived followed by Ms. B who was towing Seth along. We discussed what we were gonna be doing the next day and figured out what provisions would be needed.
As soon as that was done, we replaced the outdated emergency signal kits. This, of course, made me excited cause we now have some flares that we can use to practice with (I am somewhat of a pyromaniac). We also went over the checklist, which proved to be a quick task as all seemed to be in order.
When we were done, around 1830, we headed out to dinner at a Greek and Italian restaurant by the name of Dennie's. I have to admit the atmosphere of the place was really laid back and the food was good. But since we had more task ahead of us, we proceed to shop at around 2000. We proceed to buy all our necessities and even some USB powered speakers, which we can now use for our musical needs as we are attached to shore power (No Country of course). Eventually we arrived back at the marina sometime after 2200.
Although tired my high anticipation for the trip made it difficult for me to fall asleep. Around 2330 Skipper woke up to go to the bathroom, and as I was unaware that I had been awake thought it was already 0200 and was forced to calm down as he told me to go back to bed. Somewhere around a possible 0100 I believe I settled into an invisible sleep to be woken up around 0300. It was finally time to go and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I began to organize the crew into preparations of taking off.
Everything was set and the GPS was ready, all that was needed was to turn the engine one and pull out. But there is where the problem came in. A high pitched squealing sound was coming from the engine. It seems that there was a problem with a crucial component to the generator and water pump, with a belt being to loose. With little possibility of having someone fix it in the next hour we were forced to abandon our quest.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Make It A Second Road

Today begins the journey I venture on, although only a short leg, it will preset the quest of a week and half at the end of the month. I am truly excited for the fact that I shall be ranking and the crew leader just for this weekend, yet not need worry myself for the longer cruise as I shall not be taking the reins.
Its been about nine months since I joined the ship and to think of how far I've come, all that I've done. It all seems as if I yet had a moment to rest. But all in all, I've come to enjoy this sense of tired, its an accomplished feeling.
I've decided to keep my own log, as to keep my own memories, something that I know will be my own journey. With it on paper, it'll be mine to share with who I choose. The idea behind this is not only cause it would be pretty cool to do, but rather a chance to be able to do something different with it. Make it something separate from my journey to graduation.

I found a picture taken by Skipper when we were just sailing on the Mirror for a little practice. While my friend was not to sure what she was doing, I directed her for the most part and we weren't to bad. But there is a unique appeal to that sail, its the color, so noticeable.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want Things Right With Cheese

A feeling I truly hate is disappointment, but not one of being disappointed, rather of disappointing someone else. I always try to do my best, always try to be a better person, and just in general do the right thing. Yet, for some reason I always tend to just screw things up. My insolence just tends to ruin my attempts.
In the end, its always in the wrong situation, I just want to portray a certain image to certain people. I wanna seem smart, good, look like a good person, like I do the right thing. In the end it seems that I want to portray the better image of me, the side I like, that I forsake the point of it all.
I make stupid excuses all the time, I want my mistakes to go away, I want that clean slate, reverse my stupidity, not the stuff that has changed me into who I am today but the stupid mistakes I tend to repeatedly make without any lesson learned.
Whats worse is that feeling I get when lying to someone really important to me. I can tell the truth for a while, keep the feeling away by being honest, yet when it comes to preserving that image I want to present, even when a small cause would barely alter it, I shrink away, placing a false barrier. But then that horrendous gut feeling occurs, but not necessarily the feeling a guilt. Its more of a feeling of disgust, lying to someone important and close to me makes me sick to my stomach, I hate it but eventually I always come to the point where I make the lie and I hate that I keep doing it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creator or Destroyer?

Occupying my mind in class has become quite a task as I count down towards summer vacation. Of course in most of my classes, when not bored by brain numbing tasks, created with the sole purpose to stem the masses from revolting, I try and get some sleep or just read a book, which currently is Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. Its an interesting novel of about 500 pages, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it as I did mean to read it earlier on in the school year but never got to it. But now, in my Design Web and Multimedia Technologies, it is hard to fall asleep or read as there is a computer monitor constantly in my face.
Since I a constantly able to breeze through the sometimes boring assignments, that usually incorporate plug and chug ideals, I have plenty of spare time. So, which permission of course, I end up spending a fair amount of time listening to music on listening to bands along the line of Something Corporate, This Time Next Year, Hit the Lights, or The Starting Line. But while listening to music and when in the mood for games, I do enjoy highly, playing Tetris, by the way, I'm always up for a little competition.
Recently at a common gaming site that I use to get my random gaming fix, the game of the day intrigued me. I've seen some of the show Wallace and Gromit and the movies as well but this was different. So I started playing and could not really stop until I finished it. And through the use of a embedding code, I bring you the game as played at Wallace & Gromit's World of Cracking Ideas:

I know that I really enjoyed playing and inventing objects to move through the levels. The huge freedom granted made this game alarmingly addicting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soldier of My Own Right

I've been in Advanced Placement United States History for the last eight or so months and I'm not gonna lie, its been great. There is something about History thats always intrigued me, maybe its just the variety of areas you can study, or maybe its the fact there isn't anything new (sorry for the odd pun).
Which brings us to the video below. For the final project of the year, which could make or break my grade, we were to choose someone from the list on a board at the back of the room. I had no idea who I wanted to choose and being first in my class, I just closed my eyes. I, of course, just walked straight forward with my finger sticking out. Due to my luck, my finger ended up between two people: Martin Luther King Jr. and Audie Murphy. Considering how everyone knows MLK Jr. I went with the underdog, Murphy.
So here I present my video presentation about the life of Audie Murphy:

Of course, for some, it may not be possible to watch the video on the page so, You've just been linked. However long I worked on the presentation isn't as important as the fact that I came up with a decent product, something that incorporates music, pictures, video, and narration. I just hope I don't get a bad grade cause that wouldn't make me too happy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Team Awesome

Today, while battling boredom in class, that usually stems from extra time in electives, which tend to sadly, not provide enough mental stimulation. To think that when you get to choose the class, that it would be a whole lot better. Well, from a friends blog several days, I notice a comment posted by this guy --> Christopher, which of course is awesome considering the basic Latin definition, carrier of Christ or carrier of the world. Despite the religious idea behind it, and since my name is a variation, and because his blog is titled The Nerd Archives, I decided to follow him.
Which brings us to today, when checking the list of new blog posts, his was at top, with a picture of Spock giving the Vulcan hand gesture (Live Long and Prosper). So I clicked the blue (but green here) Time to Say a Moderately Hasty Goodbye (I'm loving my HTML skills right now) After reading how he would be going to Texas for a month, I must now quote the reason I continued "also the date on which Abraham Lincoln lost his first tooth and Albert Einstein died whilst taking a bubble bath." Truly Christopher is a nerd, yet in a good way.
Since I have an extremely bad habit of clicking tabs and adding more stuff to read, I click on his other blog, The Chin Scratcher.
But rather than read in depth his liberal postings about the extreme right wing Texans, I just clicked another link (Last one, I promise). First thing I think is COMPETITION. But then, scratch that COMPETITION. I started to think about how I would have to do work to write some poetry considering how lately my mind thinks in single stanzas, usually unrelated babble or overly romanticized mush. But then I recall that I do have some old short poetry, stuff that isn't to complicated, maybe a little depressing but adequate, since I'm not in it to win it, but rather just try. So I decide to go with this, the best thing I could find, that I feel is good enough as an entry but not boring or just plain lame but truthful about by inability to write well enough.

I bring you: Writing the Perfect Song Talented Apathetic

I bring my pen to paper,
Forget it, the words are lost.
As soon as they came,
they are now gone.

How does this work,
Aren't the words supposed to flow.
Where is the masterpiece,
one to appear in moments.

I just can't figure it out,
unable to find the answer.
It seems very much unattainable,
The perfect song.

Inspiration isn't needed,
I've already found the perfect girl.
Her picture sits in front of me,
My feelings must not be enough.

How does everyone else do it,
It seems so impossible.
To write the perfect words,
And place them on paper.

I just can't figure it out,
unable to find the answer.
It seems very much unattainable,
The perfect song.

I suppose I won't know the results till after the deadline of June 30 at 7:09 PM (Ok...Maybe I lied, but I do like links, a lot.). All I can do is wait, and maybe hope for the best. Hoorah for COMPETITION