Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where Are You Now?

Life has become extremely busy for me these past couple of weeks but hopefully if I get all the work I set out to do tomorrow next week will be nice and relaxing. Between traveling to Old Dominion University this past weekend, preparing for tests in Multivariable Calculus, Problem Solving with C++, and Statics, along with the homework in said classes as well as all the little things popping up free time has generally been scarce.

Since tomorrow I head off to Georgetown University for another regatta, I have a list of things I would love to get done beforehand:

  1. Laundry
  2. Statics Homework
  3. Multivariable Calc Homework
  4. Pack Clothes
If I can get those done early enough, maybe I will have time to work on the painting of flaming horse named Knightmare for my company or even make a dent on my Hulu Queue which keeps piling up with shows that I love to watch but do not have time to. 

Beyond the craziness that is currently my life there have been some really good things to happen lately. First off was that I got the new Mumford & Sons CD which I have been listening to nonstop pretty much for the last week. I have approximately listened to the album at least twenty five times through. That is over twenty five hours of listening time that I have put into this amazing new album.

Also, I got to race in my first ever college regatta which was exciting at least because I love racing sailboats. Even better was the fact that it was also my first trip during the school year which was not for just going home.  On top of that all, got to race with and against people who were on my team back in high school.

Received an awesome care package from my mom containing three essentials that I really needed. First were cliff bars. I've fallen in love with those things, those delicious and filling. Second were nature valley, just in general a great snack. And finally, my wetsuit, now I fear not the cold winds and waters. Sailing is gonna just get all the more better as the days get colder. 
On a side note, I began to use Instagram this summer. It really is a nifty application and a great social media tool. What better way to share a story than with a picture, easier than typing a thousand words. The addition of filters is a nice inclusion which if used right can make a great image look all that much better.

Onto the final awesome thing of awesomeness that has happened recently. My friend over at Not Quite "Once Upon a Time" made me an amazing hat. It just so happens to be the coolest thing anyone has ever made me. Heck, it is definitely better than anything I have ever made. I love it and really can't wait for the colder days ahead. It will be useful after finishing a good day of sailing if I capsize, that's for sure.