Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Here on Out

It seems to be that the more I think about it, the more it freaks me out. I am approximately 443 days away from my graduation. That means I have 5 more quarters, a summer, a winter and spring break to do all that I wanted to do in high school career my before I do take the walk across the stage and receive that piece of paper. There hasn't ever been an official list of what I've wanted to complete before I graduate but there have been a lot of stuff that I've been either too afraid to do, or just haven't ever had a chance to do yet. All in all, it may be questionable as to why I'm starting this now and not at the beginning of summer vacation or at the start of my senior year. I guess I want to start now because this coming quarter may be the most important of my educational career so far and in the coming months before school lets out, I may do some pretty important stuff. Whatever happens, all I know is that from here on out, I have a ton of stuff I want to do, and 443 days to complete it.