Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell Me What I'm Looking For

I returned to school yesterday, leaving behind the relaxed and informal life once again for a more rigid military one. I am in no way sad to be back because I look forward to this semester as an opportunity to build upon the experiences of the past, to become better academically, mentally, and physically.

To sum up my first college trip, it was filled with plenty of snowboarding, video games, and friends.

Although there was not a lot of snow and half the trails were not open, we enjoyed what we got because simple enough, you have to keep on. The benefit to snowboarding during the week, was that the slopes were never crowded and we were able to gain some sense of proficiency. When not boarding, we typically stuck to several hours of Super Smash Bros Melee, as well as other games, while drinking large amounts of Dr. Pepper and Diet Sierra Mist.

Now back to the concept of school. I will be taking 19 credit hours and they are as follows:
  • Exploration Engineering Design
  • First-Year Writing
  • Calculus
  • Vector Geometry
  • Seapower and Maritime Affairs
  • Foundations of Physics 1 (Lab as well)
  • Fundamentals of Cadet Leadership
Lets just say it seems I have my work cut out for me, but I believe that if I apply myself well enough, chances are I should be able to do it. And now it shall be set, my goal is to have a 3.15 GPA for the semester which should bring up my overall GPA to at least a 3.0.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Watch Out For Parking Lots

Step 1: Set on Fire
Step 2: Eat
-S'more Instructions

Today I began my first college trip, one set out upon with some of my closest friends who attend school with me. I suppose there is not much to it. My best friend's girlfriend's parents own a timeshare at a ski resort. They were so kindly as to allow us the use of it this glorious last week of winter break.

As follows are a few pictures of our amazing accommodation, as well as my best friend and his girlfriend playing Just Dance 3, which I might add is kind of fun. After several hours of Wii video games, with an hour or so pizza break, we entirely redecorated the whole living room area with soda cans, water bottles, and various controllers. We also consumed candle cooked S'mores.