Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hold On To What You Believe

Sometimes life can just be overwhelming. There are simply those moments were everything seems to pile up all at once. I might just be in college but I have experienced the moments where several deadlines or important dates just loom at the same time. Not only at those times do I have to decide which take precedence, but I also have to make the decision to sacrifice food and sleep. Those of us who are in college are lucky enough that most of the time the consequences are not to dire. If we never learn to manage our time and let this happen a lot, then maybe flunking out of college will be a terrible consequence, but if we at least let this only happen not by our own fault but because of unlucky circumstances, the only outcome will typically be a bad grade on an assignment or two.

Now there are those who are out in the working world. When the deadlines start to pile up, that is where things can go really bad really fast. That is when businesses begin to lose money and then people start to lose their jobs. Depending on the nature of the business, that is when people might even lose their lives. Its a sad nature of the world, but sometimes things just happen that way.

Though things can go bad quickly is no reason to hide in one's comfort zone. There is no need to fear how things can go wrong, cause no matter what, that is how we can learn. If we no how to fail, then we can learn how to succeed.

The experiences we have are how we learn, and as human beings it is part of our nature to learn from our past. It is how we adapt and survive, it is how we got to where we are today. And no matter how tough things may become, there is always one thing we should really think as the going gets tough. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


My father served twenty years in the Navy. Twenty years he has let someone else decide a large part of his fate. He had many opportunities to separate from the Navy but he stayed in, not for himself, but for his family.

In three and half years I will be leading many men and women who have been in the Navy longer than I have, joining for their own various reasons, with their own lives. I am expected to lead these Sailors, and they're expected to follow me

Its humbling, to think that I might be in charge of people who are like my father, who I see as a great man. Will I be able to do them justice? Will I be able motivate them even when times are tough? Will they see me as someone they can trust to lead them?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ones and Zeroes

     Girl Who Appreciates Your Artistic Efforts :),
I'm very glad you enjoyed the tattoo design that I drew up of the words "Io Sogno" or translated into English "I dream." As you stated that you have lengthened the wording of your possible desired tattoo, I can not guarantee that I will not send another design on the back of a postcard again, or in the more appropriate medium of travel, a envelope which would allow for more space to fit the whole phrase, "Io sogno. Io scrivo. Io vivo."
Very Respectfully,
     Boy with the Navy Diver Postcard

For the past several years I have been intrigued by the concept of tattoo art. The use of one's body, a limited space, to say so much is a fascinating medium to me. The meanings to their owners can add another layer of literacy to the ink on their skin. 

A space as small as a postcard can lead way to something that means so much more to one person could truly understand. If only I could simply come up with the ideas, I would do it so much more, small pieces of paper, anything really to just come up with some image that can mean so much to someone.

Now, the Navy Diver Postcard I chose, is just one of a stack I received from a Navy Recruiter. I love water in so many forms, I love thunderstorms, I love snowboarding, to swim, to sail. Water leads to me being more comfortable that I do on land. It would make me happy to one day be a Navy Dive Officer, to be paid to be in the water, but primarily, I want to be in the Navy. I want to make my life from the sea, how ever that might be. And therefore, I Dream.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dreams of war, Dreams of lies, Dreams of DRAGON'S FIRE

Some might question, what in the world was that video. Obviously I haven't posted in what has been more than just a few months, and to those of you who are still active in the blogging world, I hope you forgive me and bear with me as I attempt to blog more, with some consistency. And to those of you who might be knew, well, you might be in for a treat (kind of), plus I always look forward to finding new blogs that I enjoy reading.

Alright, back to the matter at hand, the video above. Of course one might easily deduce that it is a filming of Metallica. Now some years ago, the Virginia Tech football program wanted to choose an entrance song for the team to enter too. The decision ended up being the famous song, Enter The Sandman by the aforementioned Metallica. Somehow, the concept of jumping whenever the song plays came about, and from then on, the rest is history.

Now, Lane Stadium (The Virginia Tech football stadium) is considered one of the toughest places to play despite its size. Consider trying to play with 66,000 screaming fans at the top of their lungs. The opposition normally would falter. Trying to score the winning touchdown for the visiting team, one could say, they would  more than likely choke. Add in the fact that these 66,000 fans are jumping, rocking the the stands as they cheer on the defense to cut them off. How can you expect to win?

I've never been much into football, its just something I would watch occasionally, and maybe the Superbowl but otherwise, there are things I'd typically rather watch. Since coming to Virginia Tech, I have become swept up in this phenomena, and loving every moment of it. 

They say Blacksburg is a drinking town with a football problem, and although I don't drink, I do have the very same problem.