Friday, January 21, 2011

My Stroke Of Genius

This week in my guitar class, as sort of a final project, I was assigned to begin work on a song, focusing on creating a melody. Right off the bat I came up with a simple five note traverse and just went from there. I had the idea to drop it down a bit and then run back to the original start with a G scale.

And that be it, including tabs, for those who dare try it. But the thing was, I liked its simplicity and the G scale run, but I did feel it was missing something. In all honesty, I'm still not to sure what its missing, maybe I'll come back to it, or not, only time will tell.
So I sat there today, just messing around, finger picking, and I stumbled on something, and I just ran with. I feel it flows well, has a good backing, and works well. It may not be my masterpiece, but its got a way to it that just fits me.

I honestly could help but write it down, because it was my little journey to write something worthwhile. Maybe I'll extend beyond this, make a full song, add lyrics, and have it all done. Only time will tell, and I will be waiting to see what I do with it.
*Edit* Oh, by my pure mechanical error, the Bs in the third and fourth measures are Cs, and also, rather than play this in six eight time, just play it as in four four, with all the eighth notes as quarter notes, and the two quarter notes at half notes. My apologizes as I have not had a chance to fix this.

For the ease of guitarist, the song is structured around the chords, G, C, and D
Now, I came across a video that is somewhat insulting, and I advise that you watch at your own discretion, but this video is truly genius. And it can be somewhat true.
*Edit* For the third and fourth measures, rather on the B string, rather than open fretting, use the first fret to maintain a C chord patter.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gonna Write A Song

Alas, for the first time have I come across this situation. My presence on two swim teams has now caused for me to have two meets on the same day. Of course, my loyalty remains more so with my high school team. But then again, I do enjoy swimming for the Y with less pressure.
Now, to my faithful readers, you may be wondering, "What in the name of Jupiter he going to do?"
Don't worry though, because I would reply, "I have a plan" and yes, I would in fact tilt my head when I say that for italicizing effects.
To continue the conversation, "Whatever shall you do?"
"Ah Ha! By the sheer force of coincidence it seems that my meets start at different times."
I have gotten lucky as to have a 11:00am start time for my high school meet. While it shall hopefully end by 2:00pm at the very latest, that means I should be able to make my other meet by 3:00pm, only missing the mixed medley relay due to the large amount of events there shall be.
I honestly do not know how I shall fare. I have never had to pull two meets in one day so maybe I'll find some Zen zone that will propel me to some success or I shall face crushing defeat by exhaustion, either way it will be fun. My only sadness lies in the fact I will be missing the relay because I tend to get the Fly leg which I really do love.
And good news, for my fellow seniors as well as myself. We have reached 150 days till graduation, give or take depending on the school. Also, this past Saturday was the typical deadline for college applications. There is something about the relief of knowing no matter what happens from here on out, it is out of your hands to decide really what to do. Second semester is almost upon us and whatever happens is what happens. So I guess, just run with it.

Now I've heard this song on the radio at least a couple of times, but as most music heard on the radio, it just slips into the back on my mind. But today, by the good graces of those at iTunes, the video was placed on the free downloads page. Which made me decided to watch it. To my amazement, NINJAS! Its not that I have anything great to say about the song. It is slightly catchy and I do like the sound of it. Plus I kinda like the cream colored electric played by the lead singer but would never buy one. But because of the NINJAS! I had to post it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Finally, today in physics class, I was able to shoot off my catapult. Despite leaving my catapult in class before the winter break, now with school having resumed, we did the measurements. My catapult was able to fling the ping-pong ball a distance of sixteen feet. Maybe not much, but I do know that it was my catapult that I built on my own.
Swim practice resumed today for both my high school team and my Y team. Having a two week break made it hard to get back into the routine but it did end up feeling good. Of course, my masochistic side was happy as various abdomen regiments and push ups were added, the pain can feel really good.
I received an awesome addition to my couple of stickers placed on the rear window of my car. First off was the one stating, "Instant swimmer, just add water." Also, I received another saying, "Its not how fast you swim, its not how far you swim, its how far you swim fast." Of course that was a tribute more so to a distance swimmer, but the motivational level did make it necessary to add it as well.