Monday, July 26, 2010

20 Things You More Than Likely Don't Know About Me

I wasn't actually gonna do this, because I just didn't feel like it. I suppose I first saw it on Christopher's Blog, The Chin Scratcher. It was all fine and dandy, as I did enjoy reading it. But then on one of my recent yet all to often Blogspot check ups, where I see if someone else posted anything, but without posting anything, I noticed something different. I had accrued an unexpected new follower. Thus began my foray into reading the words of the Sarcastic Spastic, who's name intrigues me. There upon lies, the cursed list. It taunted me, wanted me to do it, no one asked me to, but it just wanted me to do it. So, courtesy of the all powerful internet, I present my list of 20 Things You More Than Likely Don't Know About Me.
1)I want to profess, publicly, my love for cheese<3. Yes, I love cheese. In fact, cheese is the best thing that has ever happened to me. While to the general public, it may seem odd for me to say this, cheese is just totally amazing.
2)Now I want to reveal a few things about my blog. The first one is that for some reason, ever since my first blog post, I've failed to use any significant paragraph breaks or indentations, just ending paragraphs, wherever they end. If I recall correctly, when I first started my blog, I did it because it was easier for me.
3)For the most part, my blog title bares little relation to anything I do actually post. When it comes to coming up with the title, I usually pick a separate event of my day from that of which I'm posting. So in fact, it tells only a tidbit of another occurrence in my daily life.
4)I often wonder who actually reads these style of postings, because I feel that I can be the only one at times. Maybe the truly dedicated readers of blogs do it, because, hey, its someone who they enjoy reading, so read more about them.
5)This may seem random, but originally, I only chose Pepsi over Coca-Cola, because it was the underdog soda. Throughout my life, I've generally sided with the underdog, just because of that, its the one up against all odds and there is something to admire in that. I suppose it could be a representation of my desire to succeed, considering how in every field of any possible expertise, I would be just that, an underdog. Now, of course, I truly do enjoy Pepsi and believe it has a better taste than that of Coca-Cola.
6)When it comes down to non standard writing, typically related to the internet, where structure can be a bit more free form and general rules of writing do not have to apply, I pick up one bad habit while the rest of the time I still follow the rules, generally, and I just can't seem to stop it. I tend to use run on sentences with the over use of commas.
7)For the most part, when it comes to meeting a minimum length on any form of writing, I come up short. Mainly its because after I reach a certain point, I don't really care to continue, and the rest of the time its because I just run out of ideas. Which is why, as of right now, I'm stretching my mind for stuff you probably don't know about me.
8)One day I just want to get into my car and drive. The whole idea of driving without stopping appeals to me, just hitting the road and not turning back. But then I realize two problems, I'd have to pay for gas and eventually I would just get bored, driving without a destination. I need some more structure than that.
9)I don't consider myself a real artist, or photographer, or creative person of the sort. Half the time, I feel that what I do is more replication, as if my own ideas are not original. Maybe its just that what is my own idea, in some way is actually partially someone else's idea.
10)I don't have a problem with boy bands, as in fact, they aren't bad, especially when you consider that its about the music in essence, that its someone attempting to reach for fame and glory. I'm not talking about all male bands, but rather pop driven groups that focus on singing rather than instruments.
11)Another revelation about my blog, I have obtained an obsession with links. This one stems from my Design Web and Multimedia Technologies class where I learned how to use HTML. I suppose this is me bragging, about the fact that I know basic HTML. It probably is, because I can code links by myself, can you?
12)Alas, another revelation. The numbers that appear at the bottom of every blog post, next to labels, are in fact, my countdown. I thought it would be cool to attach that as this is my journey to graduation. But whats somewhat obsessive, I counted it down at the beginning, by hand.
13)Once again, back to the concept of underdog, and with everything against you. The number thirteen is my favorite number. Considering how it is typically noted as unlucky, I still find it my choice when having to pick a number.
14)I thoroughly enjoy widgets. What is a widget you may ask. A widget is a small program from a another site running on a site. Example, look this way ---->, on this side bar are simply put, some widgets I've collected. At the top is my Formspring Widget named My Mind Is Yours, where you can ask me questions which I typically answer in a timely fashion. Below it is Fish To The Future featuring six fish, one is black, which you can feed by clicking on the widget. And all the way at the bottom is Swim With Me featuring recent posts from my favorite swim website Swim Network. And lastly, all the way at the bottom of my blog is a playlist I put together quite a while back that has not been updated, but features good songs. It just seems that whenever I find a good widget, I can't help myself but add it.
15)I hate leaving my house without my iPod. Although my cellphone does have music on it and would normally suffice for my desperate moments in need a music, my iPod has a vast array of options which include playlist more fine tuned to certain moments, and in the end gives me a private edge that others are hard pressed to find.
16)I become very attached to my iPod during swim season. When it comes to bus rides on the way to meets, there are plenty of other people on the bus to talk to, to converse, shed my nerves, but I've rarely ever use that source. In fact, I used the rhythm and beat of my Prep The Swimmers playlist to keep that tension, bottle it up, in an attempt to let it burst, let me let it out in the water. In fact, I staged my special swim playlist, which no one else has heard, so that it would fit perfectly for the one swim meet we have that requires a long bus ride. I believe I may have had one song more than needed.
17)I work better late at night, when I'm all alone with just a desk lamp at my computer desk. I feel less interruptible, less distractions that cause me to get up. Even if I'm not being bothered while on the computer, I feel as if the house is baring down on me during the day, but at night, its my realm, I have all the freedom I need.
18)I enjoy covers, remixes, and mash-ups. Sometimes even more so than the original. Its one thing to come up with a song and be entirely original, have your own work laid out. But then it becomes another thing to take someone else's work and improve upon it, change it, and make it your own.
19)I've never really been good at sports, but I still love playing them. In my lifetime I've played baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, swimming, flag football, ultimate frisbee, badminton and tennis. I guess thats why I like P.E., you don't have to be all that good.
20)I stole that last one from another attempt like this. Its something I tend to do even though its a bad habit of mine, to reuse my work. I've actually written several essays about how I started swimming competitively, with each time being a basic structure that I kept following, just updated.
And now, a sigh of relief. I have expended time on this post, spanning it out into three separate days. Never have I had to use so much will power to continue sometime I choose to do. Its all a journey that we choose to take.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Losing Count A Bad Thing?

Lets take it back, sometime in March 2009 I got swept into a facebook fad. Around this time the notes posted required those tagged to comply by refilling out the note with their information. The most interesting one required various stages that would lead a band album. Which is how the band Slought Foundation came to be.

After creating the one album cover, the idea laid dormant for about nine to ten months, when in Art II, we were required to create a final project using our various skills. I decided to go with computer and photography media. At first I came up with this:

But after apparant disapproval at the album name, I decided to return back to the basic photos I came up with and re-edited everything.

I decided I would at an extra photo, one of me helping upright a capsized boat. I think it looks pretty sweet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

815 left

Finally, it has begun. Last week I spent five days and four nights with less than 20 hours of sleep, using my time to sail. In no way am I complaining and in fact, I enjoyed the time spent on the water. But now I am back to my somewhat normal schedule, which is erratically sprayed with time at work and with friends.
But for a moment, lets talk world cup. The USA vs. Algeria match, which was to determine if the USA would move on was fate defying. With a victory needed, time slowly went on as the game remained scoreless, including a disallowed goal. Yet, it wasn't over, not until it was over. While at work, I passed an on television while grabbing my lunch. It, of course, was tuned to the USA vs. Algeria match. The time: Stoppage. There was only three minutes left when Donovan made the pass, which when in the box, was stopped by the keeper, but behold, there comes Donovan right behind the loose ball. A simple kick and the American dream was restored.
Sadly it did not last, in the match vs. Ghana, the USA was eliminated. What matters most is the fact that from the jaws of elimination, the USA was saved, when everyone was sure they would be gone, they came back.
As I was unable to watch several of the recent matches, because I was sailing, I kept myself posted, and am now rooting for Spain, with currently, this World Cup's Highest Scorer, David Villa. With their next match against Germany, I have faith that my Hispanic Brethren shall defeat the German National Team.
Now back to what has begun. Today, after a failure to launch yesterday, I have begun quest to prepare for the upcoming high school swim season. Which, actually, is in the winter. But that is not the point. What matters is that it is my last season in high school as I will be a senior, but I may not continue competing in college, there is the possibility that nothing will materialize in any level of competition. As of right now, I'm starting out slow, taking it easy, and come this winter, I plan to reach as high as I can, cause when you reach for the stars, you're sure to land in the clouds (That was extremely cliche, even for me).