Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Doubt?

I generally don't allow myself to get worked up over politics, especially involving school. But there is just something about the idea of cutting any sports team that makes me aggravated over the stupidity of such an idea.
Sports for me have always been a huge part of my life. From recreational to high school varsity, when it comes to competition, another part of me comes alive. I have benefited from the camaraderie of triumphs and defeats, the pain and successes of effort, and the desire to do our best.
The way I see it, sports are important for high schools and should remain a vital part and not cut as budgets are lowered. In many schools, spirit and morale is low, with athletics, it gives many students a viable way to show support for their school, by both watching and participating. When you take away a factor that connects people you wouldn't see anywhere else, the men and women of the future will turn out different.
It'll be a sad day when a sport is cut because it can not be afforded and I hope that it won't ever happen, but it seems that school boards across the nation fail to see the true benefits of athletics to the students in their schools.


  1. and swimming will be one of the first to go...

  2. oh that's easy to explain, but hard to understand and let go; its basically the same case for music and art, people are more focused on taboo subjects like science, religion, and politics as the main focus of competitive activity.