Friday, April 16, 2010

11:59 P.M.

On occasion I've come to the point where poetry has helped me occupy my mind. Whilst simply writing barely causes any distraction, poetry requires me to think, you choose the right words to convey what I want. Where rambling tends to be common in my writing, I have to be more careful with poetry.
I really like haiku because they are really simplistic in form yet the best haiku can take time to refine or mere moments to create. A basic pattern of five, seven, five is so mindbogglingly easy yet to have to cut out one syllable to form the poem can create chaos. It sometimes requires the writer to know the English language to find the best grouping of words.
Although I don't write many, or ever, I come up with them at random times on any sort of topic. Lately though, my mind has been pretty occupied. Sometimes it comes to the point where my eyes freeze and my mind goes blank till the occupation somehow leaves my mind. The simplest task becomes difficult as I get bored, my mind returns.
Well, the other night I was lying awake as my mind searched for the right words. I somehow came up with this:

Minute till midnight
I just can not get to sleep
You're still on my mind

I know it isn't perfect, the words themselves pertain to between proper and common dialectical English. I wish I could make it flow better but I haven't been able to form the words right, but overall, its the expression that matters most.


  1. Pretty cool. I like to write poems sometimes, even though they don't always flow. But they always seem to say too much and show the core of my feelings, which is maybe why I've never posted any.

  2. I'd revise the middle verse, to make it flow better.