Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rain on his Parade for a Change

When I think of rain, I tend to think of two opposite fronts. On one side, there is the peaceful and revitalization side of it, and at the other end of the spectrum is the destructiveness of rain.
I'm not to sure which side I like more. Like any argument, both sides bring their merits to the table.
For one, a nice small rain brings relaxation, a simple excuse to just stay in and take a break from it all. Even if you need to go outside, the slight breeze feels nice and refreshes one. The light rain allows for chivalry to take place, for a guy to sacrifice his coat doing a nice deed for his lady friend while being no big deal for him. Even the classic jacket over a small puddle would be no bother. Even a sense of romance can bloom from that, even though commonly left to film and television.
On the other hand, beauty can lie in destruction. With pouring rain can come the awe-inspiring power of lighting. Although believed to never strike in the same place twice, there is no actual need for it to do so, as whatever it hits suffers permanent damage. The wind of a large storm can cause tremendous damage as well, pretty much being a storms arm, throwing objects through glass.
Even in the end, something as simple as a rainbow can be expected and through it all I find it impressive that it can bring life or death, you've just got wait till the clouds clear to see the end result.


  1. I think how funny it is that I tend to sleep alot but then complain when its raining outside. I often wanted to just lay and rest when people are out. Then I get pissed when I have to get more food when its pouring tears outside. I just play chess with random friends when it happens.

    Btw, thanks for commenting on my ghost journal story. its actually a spinoff from a bigger story i wrote a long time ago. Chapter 2 should be out by next week ;)

  2. Deep, although you know how I feel about rain...