Friday, April 2, 2010

The Clap

Today, in my AP English class, after the final test was complete, I decided to try and start a slow clap. Although I had a near perfect progression, it did not catch on. Following some discussion about a friend's issue, a romantic one, a fellow participant and I decided that the problem would be resolved simply by a kiss at the end of the day which make the "issued" one's romantic issue leave their partner and go for our friend. As if stolen from my head, the fellow discussion participant who agreed with me said that they will be there at the location, and would start a slow clap but even then, could it be possible to complete such a feat. And would I just be Kyle and fail to rise to the occasion while letting Erick steal my thunder (Not Another Teen Movie reference)?
The slow clap has such a powerful effect, yet it has one fatal flaw, it only truly works in moves and television, locations where the perfect situation for a slow clap ever occur. The moment in teenage oriented films where the opportunity for a slow clap arises requires an action out of the ordinary that most high school students are too fearful to do. Even in a typical high school, generally no one has any clue as to what exactly is happening and it is highly unlikely a slow clap will start or even catch on. The moment itself is too short and therefore requires a keen to catch it and start a clap correctly or it would seem messed up and be ignored. Possibly the only way to have a successful slow clap would be to have a predetermined starter along with a dispersed group of people knowledgeable of the upcoming moment, in fact, the moment would have to have both people knowing what is about to happen to prevent any sort of variable or rejection. If a rejection occurs, the slow clap would fail and the clapper may appear to be an idiot of sorts. With the slow clap having way to many fallible components, it shall forever be left in the realm of film and television.
In the end, after a long day of anticipation, nothing came of the discussion. As luck would have it, the friend's romantic interest seemed to be in better terms with their relationship partner. Therefore the friend lost the courage to act and has been pushed back a step in their quest. As it seems, the moment for the slow clap is elusive and even if found, it requires a midas touch of sorts to make it work right. And to my friend, if you're reading, your day will come.