Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Danger Alert

It has come to my attention recently that this recent warm weather is dangerous to me. Its not like I have massive allergies or some sort of aversion to the sun. In fact, my job entails me to work large hours outside at a pool surrounded by plenty of trees that aggravatingly shed pretty much into the pool. So in no way am I physically endangered. Nor am I wounded mentally by the fact that the heat bothers me since I do prefer cold winter weather.
Its not like I just got senioritis, since I feel like I've had it come the beginning of the school year. The two AP classes I'm taking have not exactly overwhelming but rather the tests as the teachers explained them at the start. The massive amount of preparation for one test has made me loose the effort I tend to take to a class, therefore my desire to excel has become a desire to get at least a B. With this loss of immense drive, all I yearn for is graduation.
Well, as the temperature increases, and my ability to drive myself places constantly remind me of this coming summer. That coupled with my senioritis makes me care less about the coming quarter of course work and AP exams and just want to cruise on by. This poses a problem as it seems I that will barely skim by with my desired 4.0 GPA for the year. It seems my only hope would be for a impossible weather change to lower temperatures, a little snow would be nice as well. Since that won't happen, I suppose its time to shape up, or I'll have to ship out.

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