Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silence of the Lambs

Silence is intriguing. To know the presence of another in the vicinity yet to hear no sound grips at ones mental well being.
I imagine being deaf to be something like being in a swimming pool at the bottom of the deep end. You can look up and see people above you moving around, the landing of water as it splashes down. You can see the jets of water being pumped into the pool. While all this action occurs, no sound can be heard. You're left alone purely to your thoughts and a simple whisper in your head becomes a shout.
This is why I feel sort of afraid of the AP exams and the SATs. While other standardized tests held less weight, and people cared less, the participants taking these tests know the huge significance of them. While people may have made jokes before, the crowds are bound to be more serious as they chooses to take these tests, even paying money. They will all want to pass these tests, and while attempting, chances are they won't make a peep. If I can barely sit still during a regular test, how will I survive the deafening silence for several hours?

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