Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Destruction of Craft

From a somewhat embarrassing misfortune, I discovered a large disappointment. I've known about the desperate situation art forms are in as society becomes streamlines everything and only the select few still appreciate art. I of course have taken part in the simplified art created by modern technology but it disappoints me more so when reduces his career based on a form of art into sufficient and quicker ways to make money.
Well, simply put, I made a huge mistake when I decided to trust habit as I made my way outside in the morning. Suffice to say, I grabbed the wrong set of car keys, the one without a house key on it while naturally locking the door knob lock before shutting it. Without a house key, I was stranded outside with no way back inside for a very long time. My only option required calling a locksmith to open the door.
For much of my life, I've enjoyed figuring out how things work. This fascination has fueled both a high amount of informational reading and hands on experience. Somewhere within my readings I found an article on the internet about lock picking. The basic actions are simple enough yet to successfully pick a lock, one must know the inner workings of the tumbler and the grace to unlock in correctly.
What disappointed me the most about this locksmith was the destruction of his craft. Rather than walk up and rather than pick the lock he pulled out two square inflatable bags similar to those used to check blood pressure. After placing the bags above and below the lock, the smith simply used a paint scraper like a credit card and opened the door. At first this might seem as a simpler way to do his job rather than pick the lock but the first thing the smith said when he arrived on the scene was a long the lines of lets see if we can at least save the lock, as if he was gonna break the lock if unable to open it with the paint scraper.
In the end, I was disappointed by the absence of the lock picking, the one thing I was looking forward to during the three hour wait. As the world continues its journey into a world of pure efficiency, it seems art forms will be sacrificed as a result.

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  1. Haha I got locked out today. But it wasn't actually my fault. I told my mom I was going for a walk (she knows I never take my keys) and she left the house and locked the doors. But I was only locked out for like 20 minutes.