Monday, April 5, 2010

Cut Into Little Pieces

I decided that today, considering how sunny the weather has been lately, that I would go out and take advantage of it by practicing my photography skills. Another activity that I do occasionally enjoy alongside scenery photography, is photo editing. So using, here comes a set of my photos.

This a sweet Mustang I found upon my photographic journey, especially since its a black GT. I originally was gonna make the tree in the background that was pink be the only think in color, but I felt the blue tint of the Mustang looked a whole lot cooler.

This shot I barely got, I was looking at something else when I heard the two birds collide, and I turned fast enough with my finger on the shutter button before they landed, didn't even see either fly afterwards. I like the medium pencil sketch effect, plus the invert makes it look like a grainy film reel.

I was sitting in the car when I got the idea to take a picture of the side view mirror which in its view had two trucks as well as the house. I've always loved the neon effect, especially when coupled with the black and white layer before, but with the red door, garage door and window panels, the red seems to fit well.

This was one of the two birds in the flying picture beforehand when he was crossing the street. I used two different effects for this one, the first was called posterize which simply used a set number of colors and removes the rest. The second was 1960s which when coupled together with posterize makes the picture seem like something sort of out of a old magazine with an article about the Vietnam war.
Overall, although this may not be considered true art, I feel that the more I practice, the better I become at photography, even maybe one day I'll be really good at it, but for now, all I can do is practice. And in the end, I think practicing my skills was a good way to spend the day.

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