Monday, May 3, 2010


Going back to the interesting abilities that my friends and I have, and our capablities to turn boring inane activies into creative and useful experiences, we conituned our Great Gatsby Project with a music video. Despite the highly improbably possible to intertwine the video to the book, we just decided to run with it.
Hopefully, with an increase in cast size by a couple of people this summer, we might be able to expand our creative horizon and continue to make music videos and other somewhat improved films.

Sadly the audio is unavailable because of various legal methods, so leave me a comment, so I can get you the audio for it through an email message. So far I've enjoyed working on this project, and whether or not this is the final reel for the music video, I guess I could say I've done one item on my list:

Although I haven't made much speedy progress on my list, I'd like to thank my cast mates, Corin, Austin, and Aaron, for helping out on this project, it seems like we set out to do what we wanted to do and did it. If you have the inspiration, it seems like you should use it.

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  1. That closely resembles my list before I got accepted, but I still haven't learned to play the guitar.