Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Have The World In Our Hands

As time goes by, memories are made. When memories are made, history is created. What Team Unknown as done is made a whole universe onto itself. But with this universe comes mistakes. Although we have filmed about an hour overall, and only fifteen minutes went into our video, we have bloopers and extra stock film. We've compiled the best blooper, commentary of Austin in the truck with the camera, and the audio you would not normally hear in the music video.

I feal solemn about our projects timely end and one day, I do hope to go back to working with the fine and creative Corin, Austin, Aaron.


  1. hilarious video kris lol haha :P especially when that kid was jammin to the Hallelujah church song, and the last few seconds of that scene that's oddly familiar. nice ;)