Friday, October 1, 2010

Gone Shootin' With Cheese

Alas, it seems I've been to distracted in these last couple of weeks and have neglected to post anything. But I return bearing some good news.
The weekend before last, I made my way down to North Carolina to partake in the weekends event, Davy Jone's Rendezvous at Charles T. Hagan Sea Scout Base. Participating in several events, I did place third in the oddly named Rubber Ducky Regatta, an interesting race to say the least. Of course, I had plenty fun with friends and made some new ones along the way.

I even took part in some canoeing with my friend George, who even has a new blog, The Plastic Camera.
Moving on the weekend past, in which I took part in a YMCA swim meet. I returned to my roots of swimming the 200 IM and 50 Free sophomore year but still did my past year's favorite, the 100 Fly. Alongside these events, I was the flyer for the 200 Mixed Medley Relay and First off for the 200 free relay in my age group. In truth, there were only other competitors in the 200 Mixed Medley Relay and 50 Free which means in my other three I took first automatically.
But on to the real competition, with my first event, the Mixed Medlay relay. Alex, the man of backstroke for my high school team took an early lead, giving some good ground. Next Kendall gained more ground on our opposing relay team. I was up next, but what bothered me at the moment was that I was told, Nick, the other team's flyer was supposed to be really good, but when it came down to it, he failed to gain any ground on me and I may have even stretched the lead further. Finally Rebecca, the "rocket" finished with an extreme lead and we definitely won the race.
My next event turned out to be the 50 free, where I'd be swimming against Nick again, and Alex who I know to actually be fast even in this event. At the start Alex had a bare lead over Nick and then me. But at the wall Alex took an amazing turn but Nick surfaced faster than I, leaving Alex to lose his lead. It was mainly between Nick and I barely in front of Alex. But I wasn't even pushing as hard as I could, reaching midway, I picked up my kick and arm speed stretching through past the flags and into the wall without a breath taken. I had barely beat Nick, but in all honestly I never even took a look at Alex during the second half of the fifty. I had no idea when he finished, and he didn't know who was faster, because he wasn't looking himself and in the end after comparing times, I held a 29s finish and he had 31s.
Now, somewhere in the mix of the past couple weeks I knocked another item off my list and forgot to tell the world.

For my guitar class we were to write a song about Biology, and I'll admit, mine was not that great but it was sufficient. As I need to find the lyrics, I'll post it then, including chords for those of you that care to try it out, but I remind you, its not that good.
And more news, I've decided I shall work towards playing Be My Escape by Relient K, and hopefully by the end of this month I should hopefully be able to play it. Now it seems the days are really counting down, I'm a whole lot closer to graduation.


  1. Congrats on the work on your list.
    -Your Freshman.

  2. I will be working from the bottom of this post, upward:

    When you cover be my escape, you MUST post it.
    I find songs about biology interesting.... in a quirky way.

    On swimming I have very little to say, I am sorry, but 29s seems really fast. I was a backstroke person. That was my niche.

    I also like canoeing a reasonable amount, but am more of a kayak fan. You still need to try that.

    Were there actual rubber duckies involved in the regatta?

    Long comment, but hey, it was a long post.

  3. Exciting, exciting! There's a list!? I love lists! hahaha :D No no super power XD they are so overrated. I am satisfied with who I am...for the most part.