Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zeus

When I was a kid I read whatever I could get my hands on. I still do, but back then I had plenty of time. Not having very much to do while my mom was at work at school, I would have to sit around for hours. And since she worked at my school, I could spend plenty of time in the library.

And that I did, with whatever books would interest me. I would scan the titles of the books and pull the ones that I thought might be good. After reading the book cover I would choose read it if it still held my attention.

And in the third grade I was introduced to Greek mythology. The stories of the gods, and their children who would go on these impressive adventures. And all of these stories were so old, ones that were retold and retold until they eventually found themselves written out.

But it grew from there, first venturing into its roman counterparts. Although very similar, each myth could be very different all at the same time. Then I found myself reading myths from other countries, whatever was the next book over.

But no matter what, I would find a commonality between them all, and it was in regards to their god of the sky. It would always seem to be a man, one who was always all powerful and very arrogant. This personality which might be able to describe the sky, would always occur. So maybe these myths would build upon the first ones ever told, or maybe it just shows that no matter how different we are, people can see the same things in the world around them.

Z is for Zero - Hawk Nelson

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