Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Time

No matter what, there always seems to be something that needs to be done. The only varying factor is how soon it needs to be done. And usually I tend to get everything done, sometimes barely under the wire. But at those times when it piles up, I have to sacrifice one thing or another to manage it, and usually that ends up being sleep.

But how would life be different if there were more hours in the day? Would things really change?

How I see it is that with this increase in time, more would simply be expected of me. With this increase in workload, I would still be operating with the same amount of sleep. With the same amount of sleep, that leads to having to stay awake longer. So at the end of the day, I don't want more hours in the day, because things could only get worse with more.

T is for  Tell Me I'm A Wreck - Every Avenue

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  1. I agree. Although I often wish I had more time, I don't really want more hours in a day, I just want to get better at saving time for the important things - having fun with family, writing, and enjoying life.