Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Universe

Looking out at the night sky, there are so many stars. And each one is an unfathomable distance away. Yet these are only the stars we can see. The universe is beyond just huge, it feels infinite.

What freaks me out is the fact that there is the possibility of other life in the universe. With these other planets that have the ability to support life, how many do? And of those who do, how many have sentient life? Lastly, how many of those have the ability to travel the universe, or at the very least send some sort of object to our planet?

I think these intelligent beings are just so smart that they feel no need to fear monger themselves into believing they need to invade or attack us. That they know it serves no purpose to make their existence known to us.

Despite this vast universe that exists, our daily lives pertain to our own little worlds. Not the planet as a whole, which has no much possibility, but our own special universe that revolves around the daily things we do.

I love exploring and trying new things, but my universe contains the important things to me. Things like schools, my friends, sailing. All these things are what make me happy, and despite the difficulty that comes with balancing them all, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Also, in my universe, there is this girl. I've known her ever since that day I've asked her dad for a candy bar some six or so years ago. I'm so happy to have Robyn back in my life, and she makes such an amazing girlfriend. I want to thank her being so understanding, and forgiving me for being so busy with all the other things in my hectic little universe.

U is  Untitled - Simple Plan


  1. Yes the universe is a huge place, makes us feel quite small at times. Though I do believe there are others on in the universe, I don't really think much about it.


  2. But what if there are other universes...?