Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Friends

I have always been a fan of television. It goes back to being a kid, just a habit that has grown on me since my younger days. There are people out there that feel television is an unhealthy addiction. That it is useless trash that pollutes the mind and leads to an unhealthy mental, emotional and physical state.

While maybe it could be my polluted state of mind talking but I would have to disagree. I after having watched countless hours of television am a well functioning member of society. And yes, while sometimes it might not be the best form of art, there are those memorable moments created by television that just isn't possible through other media.

My favorite form of television has been sitcoms. And it all started because of my mother. Back in the late 90's my mom really liked watch Friends. And having no control over the TV, I had no choice but to watch. And thing is, I only had a bare idea as to what any of the continuity was of the series. And maybe I didn't entirely understand all of the jokes, I still could get the gist. Yet I always enjoyed watching no matter what. And then there was the series finale. I had never watched a TV show so much as to follow it till its end. In fact, it was a mostly foreign concept.

But from there it grew. I have since always preferred the genre over other shows. And having seen some come and go, either being cancelled or going through its full run, I have enjoyed my experience. Sometimes they get really deep, they touch a deeper part of me, and then sometimes they make me laugh hard. Either way, it is always a great experience to take part of.

F is for Finders Keepers - You Me At Six

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  1. I agree sitcoms can be great on so many levels - and you can take them as easy watching or think a bit deeper about the social context behind them. Either way, a lot of fun!

    Found you through the A to Z Challenge, happy A to Zing! from Spoon Paws @