Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sailing

It all started with a friend asking me if I wanted to join the sailing team. I watched one sailing practice and then I was hooked on the idea.

My only experience on the water was one time being on a powerboat when I was in the first grade and being on a couple of U.S. Navy Warships.

I had maybe four or five opportunities to be a crew, taking orders and only maintaining the foresail of the FJ.  But then I was thrust into skippering in a race. I was the only one of my sea scout ship that had any experience racing, and I was put into a position doing something I have never done before. On a boat bigger than anything I was used to.

So with only theoretical knowledge of how to skipper, I somehow manage to finish the race. Of course, it involved a lot accidentally sailing in circles, as well as using my feet to manage the tiller, and coming in dead last just barely before the start of the next race.

Ever since then, I've loved sailing. While I might not be that great at it, I'll take any chance to race and hopefully one day I will own my own boat.

S is for Say You Like Me - We The Kings

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