Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for YouTube

My first interaction with online videos were these music videos I use to watch. All I remember was how I would select a genre that I fancied and it show suggested music videos. And that is where I found music I would come to enjoy. These songs are ones that I have yet to see a large presence on the radio and otherwise may never have discovered those bands.

But that was all the online videos I would experience at the time. Then along came YouTube. At first I would come to use it to listen to music videos. It was free and I had the power over what I would watch.

Then I discovered content creators. The people that would bring out there own material created from places as simple as their living room. Especially the musicians, the ones who introduced me to both covers, parodies and mash-ups. These people put themselves out there to take something already established, yet put their own spin on the music. And all the time I find better and better content, that shows the strength of YouTube.

Y is for You and I - Anarbor


  1. I love YouTube videos. I don't have a TV but I can watch just about anything I want on a YouTube video! Dropping in from the A to Z challenge. Almost done!

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