Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Onions

When I was a kid I never like vegetables. I did like broccoli, till I started going to school. Nothing is ruined quicker than a vegetable stewing in water for hours. There was also corn and potatoes, but I don't think those count, being starches and all.

But there was some point when I had decided something. I wanted to become a master onion chef. I had barely started including them in my diet, but I had chosen to cook them for my career.

That was only temporary, for once again, just like that, what I wanted to do changed. The possibilities just kept piling up. So many things I would like to do with my life, but there was nothing I could settle my mind on.

Truth is, although it seems like I know where I'm going in life, I feel lost. So despite that career plan I spew out for the next ten years. I rely on the fact that any of it can change, that none of its permanent, and it involves doing different things, rather than sticking to one sole job.

So despite being lost, I'm gonna keep looking for what I do want to do when I grow up.

O is for One Thing - Finger Eleven

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