Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Waiting

Practically all gratification is instant. The movie you wanted to watch, quick download online. That item you wanted to buy, two days later at your doorstep. Even my phone can do most things that I would used to have to wait till I had access to a computer and an internet connection.

Our world is so high speed, waiting has become more and more unlikely. But that also means things are rushed. In exchange for quality, it just seems easier to have the quicker route taken.

I know it would be better to appreciate life at a good normal pace. To simple take the time to sniff the proverbial flowers would be wonderful. But truth is, I'm impatient and I look forward to certain things, and can't wait till they finally surface rather than to wait.

W is for Wavin' Flag by K'naan


  1. For some things, I think the anticipation is the best part; but generally I agree with you - I like instant gratification!! :)