Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cadet Mindset

Going to a military school can be a daunting experience sometimes. While most of your civilian counterparts are living a laid back life style, you're working hard, waking up early, doing a fair amount of physical training, garnering leadership experience, all the while trying to balance a social life and keep up with your academics.

Now what can be pretty stressful at times with spending copious times with everyone here is that many have a very similar presence. Obviously, with everyone here vying for leadership positions, most of the cadets act as leaders. One should know, having way more leaders than followers can be problematic. So whenever a cadet is not followed they tend to not usually take it well, and with all these cadets who are not at the proper time in their training to take leadership, then things can become stressful.

No matter what experience one has had in the past, it should not matter so much here. One can not simply start at the top of a new organization simply because that was where they left off in there past. Simply take what you learned from your past and apply it to your current position, and progress up the leadership ladder at a proper pace, cause otherwise you might simply fall off from rushing too much.

C is for Chap Stick, Chapped Lips And Things Like Chemistry - Relient K


  1. Cute post...sorry the video didn't work very well, but I got a lot of it!! Funny, and looks very realistic! Ha Ha Good post!!

  2. I tried it again, and watched the whole thing!! So funny!! Thanks!! Sandy