Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Internet

It really is impressive what you can do with the Internet. Everyone who has experienced it knows what capabilities it has. To be able to talk to someone around the globe instantly. To upload and view media in a multitude of forms. To play games with people you have never met. The possibilities are endless.

Yet despite all the limitless potential. a large part of the internet can lead to waste. A huge cause in procrastination is due to the internet. It is easy to steer clear from what needs to be done when there is something more enjoyable just a click or two away.

I know that whenever I bring my laptop to close, it doesn't take much for me to switch from my notes to another more entertaining activity. Even though I have started to just bring just pen and paper instead to class, it is still pretty easy to get distracted. My phone does just as well as my laptop, to browse the internet and not pay attention to my professors. Even worse, the games, easy to download, and useful for short periods of time, yet more fun to focus on then a lecture. The internet might just be the destruction of my productivity.

I is for (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I want You To - Weezer

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