Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 18: Definitely What I Say

Day 18. Your beliefs
First and foremost, I believe in going with the flow. This is in regards to everyday life. It makes life difficult when one sweats the small things. Those minute problems will come and go and life will be easier to deal with if you just let them go. 

Never give up. Simple as that, give it your all. Sometimes the going gets rough, so you rough it up back. I feel like there are few feelings like realizing that you gave it your all and that no matter the outcome, there was no that if could have been changed at all.

Do what you like to do. It makes no sense wasting your time in a career or some activity you yourself do not like. Even if your parents or family, or anything sort of reason is holding you back it is not worth it. Is your happiness worth a paycheck?

Its definitely alright you shout when you're happy and dance when your excitement. Let loose some that energy.  Better yet, blast some music and get down. Life is not fun if you live it stiff. Or even much better, just sing your own song, rap your rap, dance your dance. Be creative, that's the best way to just let it all out.

I definitely believe probably more things, or at least I hope so, but I feel these are my top four. Through these four, I allow myself to live my own satisfy and chill life. One cooler than the other side of my pillow.

I know I'm sharing the same artist again, but this Sam Hart guy is pretty freaking awesome, I can't help but just reply his songs over and over again, especially "Goodbye to You, Pikachu"

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  1. That's true. Why spend life sad and stiff if you have the power to live it happy? And yes, I like Sam Hart! Jealous of his musical genius.