Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Letter To Your Reflection In The Mirror

Quite a bit has changed about you, hasn't it?

The hair, how horrible did it used to be. A couple months of growth. Not even a comb to make it look decent. Stopped doing that, hair cuts every couple of weeks keeping things groomed. None of that peach fuzz type stuff any more either. Shaving everyday leaves you with a shadow every night. 

A bit more larger as well. More muscular, developing with more muscular exercise then you used to. Not really built, but more there than there was before.

Same smile though. Seems kind of goofy to me. That dimple doesn't help. But when you do smile, you just know when it feels genuine. Cause when you're forcing it, you feel like it is just way to fake, that everyone else can see it too. 

Then those eyes. Why do they just always seem so blank? You've been so lucky to have seen all that you have seen. Why don't they show more happiness more often? Are they just hungry? Ready to see more of the world? Maybe it just feels that everyday spent not experiencing the world is just another wasted day?

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